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    Here are a couple ideas that are not implimented in the game yet, that I think would look really cool in the game
    We see a lot of the minikog, and it is quite obviously a totalitarian regime which does not allow for dissent. I wonder to myself, what happens to all the apex who are captured by the minikog, surely it wouldn't be very economical to execute them on the spot. So that brings me to minikog death and labor camps. These would be high security camps, full of guards on the perimiter, who tell you to go away, and would kill you if you try to enter. When you kill these guards, you come upon the inside of the camp. Various facilities exist, such as manufactories, farms, etc for the prisoners to slave away at. There would also be things like gas chambers which would be used to kill prisoners who are caught doing something like stealing food. The dormitories would be very cramped, and all the prisoners would run away from you, being completely mentally broken down.
    Considering the scientific point earth was at before it was totally destroyed, on top of the probable population being over 50 billion, millions upon millions of people are guaranteed to have escaped the destruction of the world. These people, displaced with no where to go and their friends and family either on the other side of the universe or just dead, would form into small communities of "refugees", and set up camps across the universe while they try to get their life back on track. These refugee camps would consist of humans in tents and small cabins, who have little to nothing. The camps would not contain much of value, as these people have little of value.
    I think it would be cool if on some harsh planets like moons or something, there is an underground city with an airlock on top of it. This city could be of any race, and could also be something like a lab.
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    Mininog Death/Labor Camps:
    Yes, the Miniknog(A play on MiniTrue, the ministry of truth in 1984, which spreads propaganda) is a totalitarian regime, but not in the traditional sense. Have you read/watched 1984? You see, the civilization is based on the country shown in the book.

    Unlike the traditional totalitarian state however, there are no death or labor camps. Instead, all political prisoners and those thought of as committing "thoughtcrime"(the crime of thinking anything related to hating big brother or in this case, Big Ape) are tortured and brainwashed into accepting big brother/Big Ape. This is something the "thought reassignment" sign comes from.

    "economical": Being economical makes no sense for the miniknog. The amount of resources is so vast due to FTL travel, it's practically infinite. There are countless planets around, which unlike real life, most have life on them. This makes finding resources incredibly easy.
    Human refugee camps:
    There are technically already refugee camps:
    Remember that earth was destroyed very quickly, within hours. This makes the chance anyone survived practically zero. The humans out there are explorers or those who went on vacation while earth was destroyed.
    Underground cities:
    Why would anyone settle on a harsh planet when practically, the planet next to it is much more habitable?

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