Using XNBCLI on Catalina MacOS

Discussion in 'Mods' started by mityapotion, Jan 22, 2020.

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    Hi! Sorry for crimes of MacOS but I wanted to share how to work around Apple's newest infringement on your ability to use your machine gatekeeping system, in case anyone else here needs to use XNBs on Mac. For me I received the error "XNBCLI cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified," and the usual workaround of left-clicking and pressing open didn't work. Neither did using terminal commands. Instead, it's now necessary to go into Settings and give Terminal certain permissions:
    After giving Terminal local permissions, you should be able to use XNBCLI as normally, in addition to other modding tools. Idk how many other Mac modders spend a lot of time messing with XNBs (I specialize in updating XNB mods for SMAPI/Content Patcher lol) but after spending several hours trying to figure out my way around this I figured it was worth a post.
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