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Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by IxFa, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. IxFa

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    I was looking through some old files and found this screenshot from a long time ago. StarboundFrigidSea.png
    And you know what, I miss using a flashlight while operating a vehicle, and especially with weapons.
    Sucks being in a boat and
    1. Needing to dismount control before using a weapon
    2. Any weapon I use while simply standing on the boat will also hit the boat's sail, damaging my precious boat.
    I mean at least make the sail not part of the hitbox please. Please. I want to swing a sword without sinking the ship.
    And you should totally be able to use a gun while riding in the back of a hoverbike.
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  2. oinkgamer

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    yeah, letting friends shoot from the back of your bike would be pretty neat. in fact, let us use weapons/items when sitting in furniture too, like playing a guitar while sitting in a chair, or eating even.

    also, even so much as letting npcs on escort missions ride in hoverbikes would make them WAAAAAY more useful than they currently are
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  3. IxFa

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    Someday, buddy.
    Someday we'll get it.
    Maybe there's a mod for this.
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  4. Albussystems

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    you are on the right sahaid of life :)
    Take a look in this vehicles and mounts thread - i posted about Boats.... The "Boattech" we all had before was awesome. You pointed out yet another nice possibility which also disappeared and i really don't undestand in any way why...
    Before it was possible to sit in the Boat and while driving, you could press buttons or even use the climbing rod and swing with the boat over a deep nothingness - I say again: I planed on building race-tracks so you can hold competitionraces - not longer possible - not at all since they made the boats collide... Please ppl push this a little.

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