Use Recycle Machine on old equipment

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by docholiday9999, Apr 17, 2018.

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    A useful upgrade to the recycle machine capability would be the ability to throw old/unused crafted equipment into it and get one of the base material items back. This would allow someone to recoup materials from sprinklers, fences, paths, artisan equipment, etc.

    Ideas for the item returned by the recycle machine:
    1. The highest value item used in crafting
    2. RNG choice equal weight
    3. RNG choice weighted choice based on value of each component versus total sum cost
    i.e. Basic Sprinkler uses 1 Copper Bar (60g) & 1 Iron Bar as components (120g), so total of 180g, giving a 33% chance for a Copper Bar and 66% chance for Iron Bar. Or inverse weight so 66% Copper, 33% Iron Bar return.
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