Updated the Floran Villages with Hours of Building!

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    So my favorite playable race are Florans, mostly because I love the architecture! Recently the floran huts came out, and so far they are my favorite structures! So I took it upon myself to improve them with a little roleplay.
    The story goes that I was an adventurer exploring the stars and I found the Floran village. The village lies in the only green area on the entire frozen planet, an oasis of life. After Greenfinger Kikam died 2 blocks away from me and named me the new Greenfinger with her dying breath, I wanted to modernize the floran village. One of the first structures I built was a memorial to the greenfinger. Then, after hours and hours of building in survival mode, I connected all the huts together with tunnels, and added gatehouses, mining shafts, holiday huts, a primitive mall, a prison, a marketplace, a library, a sauna, a belltower, and a couple other cool things like toilets and a tech junk room. This is Kikam Village!

    This is me walking up to the new floran village. There is the gatehouse with crates and a wagon around it. Extra security never hurt!
    At the top of the hill there is a graveyard. Top-middle there is a nice holiday hut, and in the middle there is a passageway connecting two huts themed like a mineshaft. To the bottom right there is a room with broken machinery.
    Here there's a storage for grain at the top of the hill, and a floran prison on the middle with 8 inmates. Each cell has a bed, a chair, and a bowl for soup. I wouldn't want to hang in that cage! I added frogs for realism. Also there are outhouses to the right.
    Next there is a fire pit at the top of the hill next to a scenic bench. Then there is an underground mall connecting the two huts, with a grocer, a thief, a lounge, and a blacksmith. Next we go on the the square.
    Next is the square. This large empty area stumped me for a while so I added a market. There is a teleporter under the large statue to the left. The chair on the platform I built the market around. It seems the florans don't like vegetable very much, most of the market is empty!
    Next we have the hill on which the Greenfinger died. The hut at the top is a memorial. I also added a saloon at the bottom where the florans can drink nectar and get ready for the hunt!
    On the next hill I taught the florans to store grain for the long eternal winters of the ice planet. There is a windmill and a storage area up top. In the middle there is a floran library where young florans can research past hunts.
    Here is the last hill. There is a stocks to the bottom left. At the top of the hill is a belltower to call for the hunt. Inside the hill I added a sauna where florans can relax.
    Here is the last gatehouse. At either ends of the village the biomes are inhospitable- swamps to the left and ice to the right. But the village lies in the only green area on the frozen planet. This gatehouse is like the first one.

    This is what the normal floran hut villages look like, so I think I improved on the villages greatly. For one, my village had connecting tunnels which really held the village together. Also, my village had cool underground areas to explore. Tell me if you like my updated floran village! I tried to keep the floran aesthetic while modernizing the villages slightly.
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    Wow! Most impressive. I love all of it (especially the jail cells lol)
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    nice one ^^
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    Wow - that's fantastic! I like the Florans best too, and have been customizing the inside of my spaceship to be more in the Floran style (painting walls green and brown, adding vine lights, "primitive" furnishings, etc.). I've also built a museum on the edge of my favourite of the Floran villages I've discovered so far, to house all my fossil finds, and am trying to keep that to a Floran architectural style as much as possible. But your improvements to that village are giving me a lot more inspiration...
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    Thanks all for support!
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    THIS IS AMAZING! I love building! This gave me lots of great ideas!

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