RELEASED UPDATED 1/20: 2CUTE PRETTY HOUSE MAPS v1.5 now more chill animal room and stuff

Discussion in 'Mods' started by taintedwheat, Jun 4, 2016.

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    yeah after i sleep for some days, much animals went into the floor instead of the wall
    • Tunapaste

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      I'm super new to modding Stardew, so does anyone know how to just use a single room of this? I love the birdcage and dog beds in the nursery, but I'm happy with the rest of my house as is. Is it possible to extract those pngs from this pack to replace the vanilla crib and toddler beds? I'll do all the editing myself of course.
      • Amnesia

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        So I have a mac book and I've tried everything to unpack my tiles, I have no idea what tIDE is or how to use it. I spend all of last night editing one of the pngs only to find this wasn't as easy to put in as I thought and I'm really sad. Can anyone help me?
        • as931768

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          It should be easy to remove all the butterflies on the bed
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            Please not that all posts have to be in english or at least provide an english translation according to our forum rules. I added a translation for you this time but make sure to do so on your own in the future. :nuruhappy:

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