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    Hello Internet!

    I am here to present to you the second version of Recolor Maker, A new more efficient and easy to use Interface to help with the color options of all your items!

    What's new?
    Not much to be honest, we mainly removed some things to be honest.
    But fear not, we have kept the most important.
    1. We have completely recreated it from the ground up, Going away from java, the program is now in C#.
    2. The new interface design is much more fluid and adapts better to scaling.
    3. The program is much more efficient, consuming in average 16 times less ram and cpu usage.
    4. A new better and enhanced color picker!

    Change Log
    • The modified color automatically changes when you update the value of one of the color panels (the things on the right)
    • Fixed some crashes when picking a color
    • Added a color analysis tool

    • Fixed a bug that would cause the json export to omit some releavent data

    Why do i need this?
    Making color options can take a while, having to restart your game all the time isn't exactly quick. This program will let you create, view and modify all your color options quicker and more efficiently!

    What does it look like?
    Here have a look!

    Where can i find this?
    Here have the download link.

    Questions And Answers
    Q: How do i import a color option?
    File > Import from json (Ctrl+I)
    enter your color option (Example: { "ABCDEF" : "123456", "420024" : "BEEFEE", "133733" : "ABFEBC" } )

    Q: How do i export my recolor?
    File > Export To JSON (Ctrl+E)
    If you have any recolor options that can be parsed to JSON, you will receive the JSON string.

    Well have fun!

    Common Creative Licence
    RecolorMaker2 by Guillaume Mercier is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.​
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  2. Errors4l

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    This looks pretty neat!

    If at all possible, I would love to see the colors automatically adjust when picking a new one.
    As of right now I'm using Paint.Net, as it let's me pick a color from the color picker and showing the updated color live.
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  3. C0bra5

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    Just Updated the thing!

    I fixed some crashes when picking a color,
    Added a color analysis tool
    made so that when you edit a color panel the color changes, a but like @Errors4l was speaking about
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  4. C0bra5

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    just a quick update, fixing a bug that would cause the json export to ignore some releavent data
  5. Errors4l

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    You can click right outside of the image (right or bottom side), and it will crash the application. I assume it's trying to fetch pixel data for a pixel beyond the dimensions of the source image.
    This applies to both the source and result preview image.
  6. C0bra5

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    welp gotta fix that. maybe later today
  7. C0bra5

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    I can't seem to be able to reproduce this error, any other information about it?
    Edit never mind: i found how
  8. C0bra5

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    welp the update is up! it should fix the error, what was happening was a rounding error.
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    Is the source uploaded for this anywhere? I'm tempted to make some UI enhancements.

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