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  1. Every story starts with an end,​
    to keep in your mind, a place to send​
    your things and thoughts. You need to envision​
    everything if you want good precision.​
    A long time ago in a galaxy far away,​
    a family of robots was enjoying christmas day.​
    There, that's the end, so now for the start,​
    When it seemed like their life was falling apart.​
    The mother was ill with a virus or two.​
    The child was bored with nothing to do.​
    And the father could not afford a gift for them all,​
    when his skimpy paycheck was two sizes, too small.​
    Without an Anti-virus his wife couldn't work​
    and if his child got nothing, he'd feel like a jerk.​
    An so he sat thinking, and thinking some more,​
    'till his RAM overheated, and he ran out the door.​
    The child just watched with tears in his eyes,​
    For his father was worth more than any old prize.​
    He said, "Without dad, what will happen to us?"​
    Said his mother,"Y76GG-ert+"​
    As the snow fell down from the starless sky,​
    The child sat down and he started to cry.​
    The cleaner poured out from his eyes, glowing red,​
    'till at last, he sadly crawled into his bed.​
    To make a long story short, on the next day,​
    all of their worries had faded away,​
    The father was back and there on the floor,​
    lay the anti-virus and a tin dinosaur.​
    The mother was well, and the child had joy,​
    for now she could talk, and he had a toy,​
    His father could not walk, he could move only in hops,​
    for it cost an arm and a leg for that tin triceratops.​
    But it was worth it.​

    3 down, 2 to go!​
  2. Sham

    Sham Spoony Bard

    I am happy to see a piece that focuses on robots. Wouldn't want anyone to feel neglected!

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