Unlockable: Desert Farm

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by joykiller91, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. joykiller91

    joykiller91 Astral Cartographer

    Once you're able to go to Calico you get the Oasis, Cavern and some other stuff...but that's just it. It's a big empty space, I get that it's a desert but still, so I just thought it would be nice if there's a space at the side you could buy access to for a whole lotta $ when you're too bored at your own farm, maybe.

    It could be a Stay-cation place. Or a Cactus farm? Coconut plantation? Ruins of Yoba?

    Camels would be nice too but they're only available in Calico so you can't bring them back home.
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    • seth0et0holth

      seth0et0holth Star Wrangler

      I'm all for this! I've thought of it as a New Game Plus, a desert/Western farm/ranch type thing.
      • Fuzzyman

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        That's where you plant your Blue Agave
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