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Unlimited Fuel capacity/efficiency

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Preday, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Preday

    Preday Starship Captain

    Ok, you know what, this is all besides the point. This thread is not for arguing whether or not the systems we already have in the game, FTL and teleportation, are good or not in your specific opinion. The thread is here to address the issue that the systems are not working as intended. I very much doubt that making fuel and fuel mining an utter irrelevance was part of the original design for the game.

    If you want to talk about teleporters "breaking the game" or whatever else you would prefer to be added in the game, please make a thread of your own and leave this one to its original purpose. Thank you.
  2. JarinArenos

    JarinArenos Big Damn Hero

    Alright. I think it's working as intended. Fuel is meant to be a concern early game, but become trivial or nonexistent late game. By the time you theoretically can have your infinite-range ship, you have plenty of other concerns, so mining for fuel would just be a repetitive and annoying sidetrack. If you think that's a bad design decision, that's perfectly understandable, but I doubt it was an oversight.
  3. Currie

    Currie Poptop Tamer

    My first crew member was an engineer and my second was a mechanic.
    This happened out of pure dumb luck and I hadn't been trying to break the game or anything. I just saw the colony deeds for sale and thought "maybe it'd be fun to have an NPC in my base." and one thing just lead to another. They upgraded my ship ever single time I visited it.
    By the time I left my first star system it only cost 4 fuel to fly to the next star. By the time I left that star I could go anywhere in the universe for 1 fuel. Then it became infinite. I bought 20 fuel from the infinity express at the beginning of the game before I knew what I was doing. 15 of that is still sitting in my fuel tanks that now holds something like 20000+ fuel last I checked.

    I'd say that's pretty broken and not intended behavior.
    On the plus side, I don't think it's really negatively effected my enjoyment of the game. having to grind for fuel excessively might.
  4. QuantumProjects

    QuantumProjects Star Wrangler

    I do think this is unintended. You get unlimited fuel waaaaay before you have other priorities, specially if you play casually and take your time.
  5. Zinn

    Zinn Void-Bound Voyager

    It's definitely an oversight that they keep doing it forever but I do believe it's intentional that you can get the fuel consumption quite low. If you aren't rushing through the game and just build big colonies on a couple of planets, you are well into infinite money/other resources territory anyway. If they then forced you to go fuel hunting all the time, there would be literally no point in travelling until you've drained a planet of everything useful at your tier. Fuel is mostly a mechanic to keep the worst abuse in check, forcing you to gather a little bit of cash or going on a risky moon trip before you can push ahead. I built a big underwater city and the rent I get from it is probably 3-5k pixels, 100+ throwing stars, some molotovs and 10-20 healing kits among other things per run. I can't even remember the last time I had to craft anything combat related, I just get it for free anyway as a reward for putting time and effort into a colony. Starbound is ultimately about freedom to do whatever you want, not grounding you to a planet. I'm sure someone will make a mod that makes travel very difficult to achieve, though, if that's where you want to play hardcore.
  6. tehcavy

    tehcavy Big Damn Hero

    I don't remember myself being a couch potato in Early Access. Sure, back then we had no Ghost, but we did have liquid convertors and Infinity Express though.
    As I said, this merely cuts out the middleman.

    EDIT: And why everyone are so keen on bumping a thread which died more than a week ago?
  7. gameboytj

    gameboytj Pangalactic Porcupine

    IF 65535 is the cap then they need to make a failsafe so if you hit that number, it stops right at it and the mechanic would reply with something like: I tried my best, i can't get it to fit anymore fuel.
    And maybe cap fuel efficiency at 50%? Maybe 75% but also raise the max fuel usage from 500 to 1000.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2016
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  8. Preday

    Preday Starship Captain

    I'm reviving this thread after the 1.3 update.

    I saw that the update notes included something about Engineers and Mechanics giving a flat boost to fuel capacity and efficiency. But in-game (on an old save from before the patch, with 1 Engineer and 1 Mechanic in the crew), I have a permanent 1000-unit fuel capacity that never drops no matter how much I travel between stars, and all jumps, no matter how distant, cost me 90 fuel units.

    Is there a way to edit my game or input some console commands to re-enable fuel consumption? I really want it back.
  9. tehcavy

    tehcavy Big Damn Hero

    What are you talking about, this is default now.
    Everyone's fuel capacity is 1000 now, without apparent way to change it. Travelling anywhere, in turn, is a 100 fuel flat, doesn't matter if it's a system next door or other edge of the galaxy. Engineers and mechanics are retooled as well: former boost your speed on system & galaxy map, the latter reduce your fuel consumption, but the thing is, they have diminishing returns: first mechanic reduces the cost by 10 (so flying costs 90), the second reduces by 5 (now travel costs 85 fuel), the third - by 2.5 IIRC, etc. On one hand, they don't break the game now, since by the laws of mathematics savings cap out at 20 fuel per flight, on the other, they're trash-tier now, since you're saving 20 fuel at max, or 100 pixels if you get your fuel from Infinity Express.
  10. Kajima

    Kajima Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I actually have the same bug(?) as Preday.

    Before 1.3, I was at 23,000-ish fuel and at 100% fuel efficiency (no fuel cost). After the patch, fuel stays at 1000 and costs 85 per warp, but fuel meter doesn't decrease at all.

    I guess it's a display bug, where it's using up the excess 22,000 fuel I had before 1.3?
  11. Eternal_500

    Eternal_500 Void-Bound Voyager

    before the update went live I had about 3k fuel in my ships tank. after it showed 1000 untill I had jumped around a bunch, then it fell back into range, so it seems to be just keeping your pre-existing fuel amount untill you use enough.
  12. Onkel-Hotte

    Onkel-Hotte Orbital Explorer

    Since the Update I have a Fuelcapa by 1000 like everyone. Bevor Update My tank was by 54780^^ with 3 Mechanics i've got every time on the ship 300 more capa :D Now i don't need Fuel but i Flight with 83 per Flight. My Mate have no mechanic on his ship and flyes now with 100 Fuel. I think my Mecanics lower my fuelcost now.

    by the way on the paper i need the 83 fuel to flight but my fuel never gone now...
  13. Preday

    Preday Starship Captain

    Alright, but my fuel meter still doesn't go down no matter how much I travel. It's stuck at 1000
  14. ManaUser

    ManaUser Star Wrangler

    Are you sure? Because I initially thought this was happening, but it turns out I was mistaken.

    I had liquid erchious in the fuel box, and the graph shows both fuel already in the tank (yellow) and how much what's in the box will add (green) and they're a little hard to tell apart. So it turns out I really was using fuel, it was just hard to see.

    Of course maybe you've got a real bug or mod conflict, that's just one possibility.
  15. Kajima

    Kajima Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Finally used up the surplus fuel and my fuel tank is now correctly being decreased. Finally have a use for all the liquid erchius fuel I had stocked up in my ship.

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