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RELEASED Undyne Helm, weapons, Sword from maplestory 2015-11-12

Contains Undyne's Helmet, face, and spears, Kaiserium from Maplestory

  1. ChozoGhost

    ChozoGhost Space Spelunker

  2. Coylie3

    Coylie3 Big Damn Hero

    Did you say this was from Maplestory?
    You liar. Its from Undertale.
    Nexon wishes it could make something anywhere near that good.
  3. HyperMan19680

    HyperMan19680 Pangalactic Porcupine

    I knew Kaiserium was from MS. Now I wonder if it has the Dragon Slash skill. (The rapid flame slash Kaiser uses as its CTRL attack)
  4. ChozoGhost

    ChozoGhost Space Spelunker

    My title means the sword is from Maplestory, but yeah I guess it could be confusing.
  5. CyclopsPuppy

    CyclopsPuppy Space Spelunker

    OOOH That's what I'd thought too haha. I was like, Woah Undyne's helmet? Sweet! Then I saw the "From Maplestory" part and was like "huh, must be another Undyne?"
  6. SADOLetsPlay

    SADOLetsPlay Yeah, You!

    Dumb Question, how to get the items ingame?
  7. SADOLetsPlay

    SADOLetsPlay Yeah, You!

    I placed it all in the mods folder and i do am able to craft the spear....but cant find anything else

    WE90UDXBTWE Space Hobo

    You cant even get the items

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