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Outdated Underground Chocolate Biome Techest fix

An underground spawning biome made completely of chocolate!

  1. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Ah, yeah.

    There have been a few issues with merging my World.config file.
    Anything me and a few others have tried to merge the undergroundbiomes section of the config have made the biome simply not spawn.
    So I assume they would overwrite my config.

    I did say that when I figure out the problem with the merging, I will fix the mod compatibility. But for the moment you might not be able to find it at all.
    I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. T ~ T I have been trying to figure it out, but for the moment there isn't much I can do. Not until I figure out a way to get the "__merge" command to work.

    Sorry again. o n o
  2. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Hehe I did now simple change your wolkdgen file and repolcaced the ugly gross meat biom with yours *gg*.
    Bye the way, why can we not eat the chocolate itselfe?
  3. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Because click is reserved for placing tiles. If you could eat it as well, they would both be the same key press.
    Though that was my original idea. > u <
  4. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Hurray I found my chcolate Cave... Hope the biom is not to small....
    To sad you can not make anything with the many eastereggs *gg* :)
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
  5. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Only a information, you should enter at the Moddescription.
    An Uninstall of your mod is impossible.
    Or other said.
    It is possible but planets with formar Chcokbioms become than inacessable (gamebreaker).
    I tried this experimental today to see what happens.
    Not your fault is simple a problem with the game doe snot actualise planets when once created.
    But should be mentioned.
  6. Inny

    Inny Cosmic Narwhal

    Either erase the visited planets in the universe folder or remove the biomes folder in the mod folder.
  7. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Hehe yes in main this works, but in our case we did take the choco planet as home. It is not a problem, due I plan not to erase it. I wanted only to mention it for the case of cases someone wants.
  8. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Hmm , should we ask to bring this cool Biome into the vanilla game?
    Nothing against the Modcreator (real super work and so) but in last time many modcreators did vanish mysteriousely and so many mods are dead.
    As far I see this is the only real nice Biomemod that real did anything new and not only work with the given.
    Bye the way the normal CF Biomes (that are not sooo normal) consist only outof gross stuff (Flesh, bones... sewer dirt...)
  9. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    I have not disappeared.
    Just kinda putting a lot of work into a new mod. > u <

    I really want to add a few new things before easter.
    But I also really wanted to figure out that merge thing. I haven't even looked at it in a loooong while though hehe.

    But if you wanted to suggest it to any of the developers, be my guest~
    I personally think it could fit really well in the vanilla game with a little work. ^ - ^

    I think I will probably take another look at it over the next few days, add a little Easter content and see if there is anything else I can improve.
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  10. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Hehe This was not meaned special to you.
    I talked about general.
    for example MAdTulip (cool Spaceship Mod) has notmore shown up since now over 2 months.
    Or look the guy who made the Techplanet Mod, too gone, mod useless.
  11. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Oh, that really sucks. I haven't really been too active on the forums honestly and haven't checked out too many mods. But I can see how it might be difficult keeping mods up to date.
    I am having heaps of issues even fixing the one mod I have, simply because I am far more interested in working on new things.

    It would be nice if there was an easy way to keep things updated, but sometimes the game just changes to radically that it's VERY time consuming to just make things work again. Plus it's boring as hell working on an idea that you have already deemed complete.

    I think it would be awesome if the forums hired some staff just to keep very simple mods updated, and to moderate specifically the mods sections.
    That would mean far more mods wouldn't eventually become useless, and it would phase out a lot of that horrible situation of finding an amazing mod, only to realize it's outdated.

    But yeah, just my thoughts on the topic, the moderators probably think it too small of an issue to hire staff specifically for it.
    Though if the community made an effort to simply pick up a few abandoned mods, that would be really great. Though I can easily see why no one has. :p I personally doubt I would be able to keep anything like that up for very long.

    But yeah, I have been talking to my artist and we're probably going to make an Easter update themed closely to how chucklefish have been handling holiday content, though using resorces from the mod~ Hopefully it will be complete well before Easter. ^ - ^ hehe
  12. jaaskk

    jaaskk Void-Bound Voyager

    is broken please fix
  13. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Ahhh noooo. o n o Okay sorry I'll fix it when I figure out what's wrong...
    I was away for a few days, which is why I was so late to reply. Sorry. > ~ <

    EDIT: Can you please show me your Starbound.log? Just so I know what's wrong, it's probably something to do with mod incompatibility (Unless Starbound has updated without my knowing. )
  14. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    DoomFire updated Underground Chocolate Biome with a new update entry:

    Underground Chocolate Biome

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  15. Vegetable Lamb

    Vegetable Lamb Existential Complex

    Get the following errors in my logs with this mod:
    Error: Could not load /worldgen.config asset, attempting to use default.
    AssetException: Could not read variant asset /worldgen.config
    caused by: JsonParsingException: Cannot parse json file: /worldgen.config
    caused by: JsonParsingException: Error parsing json: bad array, should be ',' or ']' at 326:30
    Variant inputUtf8Json<char*>(char*, char*, bool)
    Assets::mergeVariant(Variant, String)
    _Function_handler<shared_ptr<Assets::AssetData> (), Assets::loadVariant(String)::{lambda()#1}>::(_Any_data)
    Assets::processAssetData(function<shared_ptr<Assets::AssetData> ()>)
    _Function_handler<void (), _Bind<ClientApplication::preSplashInitialization()::{lambda()#1} ()> >::(_Any_data)

    Error: Exception raised during Root finishInitialization: AssetException: Could not read variant value /worldgen.config:dungeonWhitelist
    caused by: VariantException: Improper conversion to VariantMap from null in query("dungeonWhitelist")
    _Function_handler<void (), _Bind<ClientApplication::preSplashInitialization()::{lambda()#1} ()> >::(_Any_data)
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  16. TheBigBlueSerpent

    TheBigBlueSerpent Existential Complex

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  17. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Oh gosh I must have accidentally messed up the worldgen just before uploading. sorry let me have a look.

    EDIT: I fixed it! I am so sorry!
    I had to edit worldgen slightly just before releasing and I must have forgotten to test it....
    I am really sorry again. T ~ T
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2014
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  18. TheBigBlueSerpent

    TheBigBlueSerpent Existential Complex

    No problem! :)
  19. Vegetable Lamb

    Vegetable Lamb Existential Complex

    Everyone screws their mod up eventually. ;) That's what error logs are there for.
  20. epicness403

    epicness403 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    To know if it's working check on the crafting table and you should see an Easter bunny spawner.

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