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Bug/Issue Unable to speed up dialogue with keyboard, only with mouse clicks

Discussion in 'Support' started by bebongchoi, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. bebongchoi

    bebongchoi Space Spelunker

    Basically I mean instead of left-clicking to go through every dialogue line, I should simply need to tap a key non-stop.

    I guess the title quite sums it up. Now I'm confused that I haven't found the problem to be addressed here or elsewhere, for the current version of the game.

    The majority of posts on Google were about the same incident but it actually took place two years ago, and that's it. So I suppose the issue was once patched?

    I play with SMAPI mod, but of course both vanilla and modded version are incapable of speeding up dialogue box with keyboard. It's quite inconvenient really, obviously. Unless I am missing something, please inform me.

    Thank you!

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