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    Planet 1

    Category: Planet type.
    Main feature: Because of some weather peculiarity, such as the electro-magnetic storms raging over the planet (marked by frequent lightnings) or due to the presence in the atmosphere of a certain unknown substance, any electronic devices (except of the most perfectly protected ones, IE playable Robots race) are useless. Robots (not playable) lose control and attack their hosts, weapons based on electronics does not work, Player loses all the energy. It is recommended to use low-tech melee weapon / biotechnological weapon.
    Atmosphere: Breathable.
    Temperature: At the normal level.
    Biomes: Mostly forest, rich in water and plant-life.
    Sentient life: Possible; the level of development may vary between primitive savages trough the chivalrous medieval to developed society, reached a high level of industry or biotechnology. There may be the ruins left by the former unhappy colonists, guarded by aggressive robots and/or automatic protection systems. You can find some blueprints in ruins.
    Fauna: Mostly organic, with the risk of uncontrolled aggressive robots (on the planets without sentient life). There may be both peaceful and aggressive animals.
    Minerals: A large amount of ores and gems.
    Threat Level: Different, depending on the flora, fauna, and intelligent life.

    Planet 2

    Category: Planet type.
    Main feature: The "day" time is about 1 \ 5 of the day/night cycle. Because of nearest sun's activity, the day temperature reaches a very high value, causing a burning of the planet surface. Staying above a certain depth during a daytime, or landing on the sunny side of the planet is deadly. The most valuable resource of the planet - very rare power crystals that are formed as a result of ultra-high temperature on the surface. Mining of them is only possible at night.
    Atmosphere: Non-breathable .
    Temperature: In the afternoon - critical. At night - acceptable or slightly increased.
    Biomes: Surface - scorched rocky wasteland, with some glass formations and large amount of ash; nor water, nor plant-life. Deep caves - water is present, lack of light.
    Sentient life: Impossible.
    Fauna: Organic, mostly nocturnal predators adapted to the dungeons.
    Minerals: Certain ores.
    Threat Level: High.
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