RELEASED [TUTORIAL] Change wallpaper & floors in your house

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    Small tutorial on how to change your wallpapers/floors by editing save file. Reason for this is the shop only sells 1 at a time so it might take months or years to find the one you want, only to have it instantly replaced by your wife the next day lol. (true story)

    0. First of all make a backup of your save file (to find it, type in %appdata%\StardewValley\Saves into the windows startmenu searchbar.) Just make a copy of the folder(s) that you see there.

    1. Download the save editor. If you already have it, make sure you have the newest version.

    2. And load your save file in it and then make 1 change to it and save it (like giving ur self 1 extra gold for example) THIS IS OPTIONAL BUT IT WILL MAKE EDITING THE SAVE FILE A LOT EASIER because otherwise everything will be in 1 long list and it will be difficult to navigate and find what you are looking for.

    3. Next, open the save file with a good text editor like notepad2 or notepad++.

    4. Press ctrl+f and search for <wallpaper>. You will get a list that looks like this: (without the descriptions behind it)

    <int>55</int> = room above kitchen
    <int>2</int> = child bedroom
    <int>55</int> = hall to child bedroom
    <int>55</int> = kitchen
    <int>55</int> = entry room
    <int>55</int> = hall to bedroom
    <int>55</int> = bedroom
    <int>16</int> = room above kitchen
    <int>25</int> = child bedroom
    <int>16</int> = hall to child bedroom
    <int>9</int> = kitchen
    <int>16</int> = entry room
    <int>16</int> = hall to bedroom
    <int>16</int> = bedroom

    Obviously this is only for the level2 house upgrade. I don't know in which order it is for the smaller houses.

    5. Now you can change the numbers between <int></int> to whatever you want. To find out the id of the wallpaper/floor you want, go to these links:

    The first one is id 0 so to find what you are looking for, just count them until you get to the one you want.
    To make it easier, the first one in each row is always 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 etc. NOTE I am not sure if the id's are all correct in this order but it sure seems that way.

    6. press ctrl+s and test ingame.

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    • Pamcakes

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      Love this! It was so helpful because the hallways anger me so much.
      For anyone who is wondering about the 3rd house expansion (only got the walls figured out) it looks like this:

      <int>5</int> = Dining room
      <int>44</int> = Baby's room
      <int>5</int> = Dining room hallway
      <int>68</int> = Kitchen
      <int>11</int> = Living Room
      <int>11</int> = Living room hallway
      <int>90</int> = Bedroom
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        or just use CJB item spawner mod and choose directly in game
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          THANK YOU. worked perfectly.

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