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    Last night I had an interesting dream about that, strangely.
    Essentially it was about a more indepth tree growing and farming, with tree stumps and root blocks.

    Which sparked some motivation in me to think a little more about it.

    It begins with the sapling. As it grows it creates some root blocks underneath itself, replacing the soil block it needs, like dirt or sand and such.
    The tree actually remembers which root blocks are owned by it, so trees don't mix them up. Or maybe not?
    For every root block, the sapling grows and eventually becomes a short tree. Here it continues with placing root blocks, and having new sections added to become taller.
    Until it eventually reaches its full size.
    Unless there is a limited amount of soil, in which case it stops early and stays tiny.

    If you cut the tree, there will be a stump left, connected to the roots. If you leave it like that, a new tree could grow from it.
    You won't need saplings to replace trees all the time. Only to grow new ones.

    I guess that there would have to be different root and stump styles based on how many trunk styles there are. Althought roots could look the same for all.

    If you remove root blocks of a tree, the tree that owned them will eventually die, dropping no fruits or saplings, leaving only wood when cut.
    Root blocks drop a root item, or wood. You won't be able to place roots yourself.

    Also maybe make it possible to pick fruits from trees? Getting coconuts or alien fruits only by cutting a tree down is a little excessive
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    makes sense to have in game
    also you should change the name to tree roots blocks or someting i first thought it was about planting trees because we already can that

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