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Transferring/importing planets?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Preday, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Preday

    Preday Starship Captain

    Is there any straightforward way to take a planet I have built stuff on and tranfer it to another server/universe/player's game?

    I know the storage folder has .world files named after the coordinates of every visited planet. Do those store the state of the planet? Can I, for instance, transfer my starter planet with my home base on it to someone else's game or server?
  2. tehcavy

    tehcavy Pangalactic Porcupine

    AFAIK, yes. You can even do this exercise:

    1) Load SB, visit your favorite planet, exit SB
    2) Go to storage/universe, find that planet file (should be on top of list if you sort by change date), copy file somewhere else.
    3) Load SB, visit any other planet you don't care about, exit SB
    4) Go to storage/universe, find planet you just visited (should be on top of list if you sort by change date), copy filename
    5) Delete the file, paste file of "donor" planet, rename it as the file of "recipient" planet
    6) Voila! You just cloned a planet, have a cookie.

    This actually adds a funny quirk: planet image and description in navscreen is stored in universe file, while planetary conditions and backgrounds are stored in planet file, so you can make a Volcanic world which looks like a Lush world out of space and which still despite being a "Lush" world has Deadly Heat debuff. Hell, you can even theoreticaly make a world in place where is no solar systems by renaming world so it would have coordinates of empty space, only consequence is that you would need to /warp there and/or use a flag/teleporter if you already placed a bookmark (cloned planets loose any bookmarks on them, you have to reactivate them manually) as you can't travel there as usual.

    Oh, and maybe a little too late, but I take no responsibility for saves that somebody would screw up this way. :nuruninja:
  3. Tamorr

    Tamorr Supernova

    I thought it was as simple as giving the other person the specific world file. If that is still the case then technically all one has to do is give them the world file for the specific planet, and then they put it into the proper directory on their end.

    The exception is if it was on the unstable branch. Which has a different universe ID. But if both parties are using the same branch and/or started from 1.0 or later of release then I see no problems. Should all have the same universe ID. Their were a couple versions on unstable prior to release that were compatible, so I just wanted to point that out.

    Likely is the case that they will have the 1.0 one, and no worries.

    I know it was simply transferring the world files in the past, as that is how I did it in prior versions. If still the case then... have at it.

    Best way to test this is to backup your entire universe folder and put it some where else. Might as well backup the player folder just in case.
    The empty the usable folder.
    Make a new character getting to at least the first planet, possibly even using the skip option. Might want to /admin the first boss just so you can travel; that is if you don't know the commands.
    copy over one of the worlds you have visited in the backed up version.
    Then either use an existing character or use the new one to go to that planet.

    If the planet is there as it was in the backed up version, then it is success and proves you can just transfer the world file.
    Else, I guess that doesn't work anymore.

    After all that you can just remove the existing folders and transfer back over the backed up versions.

    This is from my past experience and I am only doing guess work as I had not any need or want to transfer files so far...

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