RELEASED Tractor v.1.3 - Horse Replacement

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  1. Pewtershmitz

    Pewtershmitz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Greetings everyone. Pewts here.

    ~ About ~

    So I thought the horse was all cool, but It made some sense to me having a tractor in the game.

    Now, bear with me, I haven't sprited in quite some time, but I doodled this up in a few hours and I feel It's decent enough for a release. Hope you enjoy it.

    The moving animations include smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.​


    ~ Updates ~


    I forgot to add shadow to the sprite sheet. I've added shadow and tweaked some of the sprites slightly.

    I've added a recolor of the tractor as requested.
    I still can't seem to use XACT to modify and find the sound file.

    ~ Downloads ~

    Blue Tractor:!BsEgFYBJ!XIgE-BefipkOuUkhtoIWyE99TXTn2obmnOTBd1T8wWU

    Green Tractor:!ZhUAQaSD!UUhd11yqgt7uE0AwhREITzDZmUzab6AZTpTpjAHBWow

    ~ Previews ~

    Here's the actual sprite sheet, for both recolors; Green and Blue.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Some screen shots of it in-game. Sorry about the rain.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Got some feedback? Leave it in the comments! :)
    Have a good day, y'all.
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    • Yunix

      Yunix Big Damn Hero

      Looks awesome! Wow!
      Now maybe few other colors and the Stable to something that fits better? Haha.
      I would wish me a little darker green one with medium brown seat. that would look cool. :p
      • xjapanboy

        xjapanboy Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Well this is really beautifull... gonna try this
        nice work!

        hey i got an idea!
        if there's a giant melon/pumpkin or else... then why there's no giant fish?
        so how about Tractor hauls out a giant fish?
        sorry for my terrible grammar, but i hope you can understand.
        here's a pic that sums up my idea
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        • Pewtershmitz

          Pewtershmitz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          There must be some way to swap out the sound file, which I will some time. As for recolors, I can probably get around that, Yunix.

          Not hard to resprite it. :nuruninja:
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          • keyten

            keyten Cosmic Narwhal

            You may edit the wave bank.
            • GosuGian

              GosuGian Twenty-three is number one

              Love it
              • Yunix

                Yunix Big Damn Hero

                If so, better do 2 versions of it. One with the more sounds mod and one without. haha. cuz many use this mod... :x
                • FenixR

                  FenixR Cosmic Narwhal

                  Would be cool if you can harvest stuff by ramming them with the tractor :rofl:
                  • Pewtershmitz

                    Pewtershmitz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Updated the sprite sheet to include shadow now, as well as some minor tweaks to the tractor itself. Link updated.

                    By the way, could someone help me out with the sound swapping? My XACT isn't working for some reason, and I'm not sure about the horse .wav.
                    • xjapanboy

                      xjapanboy Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      would you mind upload the files in MediaFire/Dropbox/GoogleDrive/Attached it to your post
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                      • clefairykid

                        clefairykid Void-Bound Voyager

                        instantly wanted this in john deer green and yellow :'D
                        • montana123

                          montana123 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          I will totally look into this :D
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                          • cantorsdust

                            cantorsdust Existential Complex

                            Added to mod list! Very clever idea for a replacement.
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                            • Pewtershmitz

                              Pewtershmitz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              I added a brand new recolor. Hope you like it.
                              Right now I'm thinking about how to modify the stables, to make them look better and in tune with the tractor.

                              Done! Hope it helps. Added a mediafire link. :)
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                              • Horticulture

                                Horticulture Space Spelunker

                                Love this mod so much! Any idea when the sound will be fixed? Thats all its missing at the moment ;(
                                • Yunix

                                  Yunix Big Damn Hero

                                  O hya! Directly added. Sad for my Chocobo i had :badpokerface:, but this fits so much better in SW! :3
                                  Thanks for the nice recolor! :iswydt:
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                                  • Pewtershmitz

                                    Pewtershmitz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    My XACT isn't working, and I'm not sure what the sound file is. If someone can help me out with this issue, that's all that's needed.

                                    I want to swap that .wav with 00000158.wav.
                                    • Zhuria

                                      Zhuria Cosmic Narwhal

                                      This is such an awesome idea! And well done too :D I love it. If you're looking to get rid of the reins, I've got a download available to save you some work!

                                      Removed Reins
                                      Removes the weird orange-brown reins when you're riding the horse
                                      Download - male farmer
                                      Download - female farmer

                                      To install: Backup your farmer_base.xnb and/or farmer_girl_base.xnb in Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Farmer and replace them with one or both of these.
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                                      • Pewtershmitz

                                        Pewtershmitz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        I approve of this, looks great without the reins!
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                                        • Levy

                                          Levy Phantasmal Quasar

                                          I hope you update the mod to include changing the sound. A tractor fits the game so much better than a horse, IMO.

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