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WIP ToolBound (Tinkers Construct)

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Boomlyecho, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Boomlyecho

    Boomlyecho Void-Bound Voyager


    Tool Bound is a mod like Tinkers Construct for Minecraft!

    This is my first mod using the new mod system so I will be continuing it for some time. It is currently in development but I will upload the files as soon as I finish it!

    Planned Features:
    • New ores & alloys.
    • New crafting stations.
    • Smeltery
    • New tool types.
    • loads of tool customization and upgrades.
    • Instructions under your codex menu.
    • Armor (If I can figure out a way to use the customization system with it)
    I am currently the only person working on the mod, so if you want to contribute in any way (I.E. coding, art, or wiki building) please reply to this post or contact me via the forums. Please include your skype information.
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  2. colin m

    colin m Big Damn Hero

    cool I loved TINKERS CONSTRUCT.
  3. wolfboyft

    wolfboyft Big Damn Hero

    ^.^ yah! Love TiC...
  4. ambrose

    ambrose Astral Cartographer

    I have been looking for this mod for 6 months THANK YOU!!!
    Also will it be coming out any time in the foreseeable future?
    And will the smeltery work the same, with the frames?
    One last thing will it be on steam workshop, because if not I can upload it for you with all due credit for you there.

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