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To design a reborn Roman Empire

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Urelius, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Urelius

    Urelius Master Chief

    Hi everybody :) First time posting here - so please forgive me if this post belongs somewhere else...
    Anyhow - I hope to find some great architects, who could help me with a problem I could not solve since the beginning of my journey through the galaxy:

    As the Fallout series have shown us, humans can be either creative or take inspiration from the past when they are scattered, broken and need to be reunited, and that is my goal exactly -
    Since I have downloaded the FU-mod I have stumbled upon some sets of roman-like armour and clothing and an idea formed inside my head - of a reborn Roman Empire - under the banner of the Phoenix. But i have one problem
    (sorry for all the talking around it :I)

    I need a suitable building style for my cities, spacestations and colonies.
    The tricky thing here is:
    1) How do I build? - humans have undergone so many centuries without building a roman Domus (villa), Amphitheatre or hippodrome, they are used to other architectural customs. So would they reuse the roman styles just because they consider themselfs roman now?
    2) Outside and inside - will I use sandstone and bricks, marble and ornate roofing - or Thungsten, concrete and other alloys to coat my buildings inside and outside with them? Or is there a style to combine the futuristic concept and technological advance of humanity in this time with elements of classical antiquity?
    3) even if a style for planets is found, - how can I adapt it for moon or asteroid bases? (for example)

    I hope some of you Starchitects could help me design this new empire together as I have seen a lot of your works - modded or not and they were impressive. :D

    By any outcome - Have a great day and i hope to maybe see some of you out there on my next Erchius run :D
  2. BreakingForce

    BreakingForce Big Damn Hero

    well, i'd find a material of choice (i dunno what i'd use offhand, so i really dunno what you'd use :D) and then go for high ceilings, lots of pillars....actually, now that i think of it, warhammer 40k is basically Space Romans in Space. you might consult with some photos of wh40k imperial architecture for ideas.
  3. Urelius

    Urelius Master Chief

    Hey :D Thank u for the quick response:

    -So I looked up the kind of architecture u said and parts of it are definitely usable :)
    the goal is to find something that mixes up the ancient roman architecture, -lets say the square room with a whole in the roof so water could flow through (think its called perystil?) and the new design you see on earth, so that people can understand: those guys come from Terra, they left it, but took with them their learning and combined it with new 8old) style to create a new identity. A roman Protectorate style, you could say :D

    (Edit) Don't know if I have the right to use already made SB screenshots as reference pics without their permission..

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