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Discussion in 'Gameplay Mechanics' started by Democore, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Democore

    Democore Space Hobo

    Hey everyone, I've spent the last 2 nights digging around the awesome Storm API!
    During the process I developed a little Mod for skipping time.

    I can't guarantee that this will not break anything. It didn't during my testing but eh.. Just have that up your mind.

    It's simply adding a button to the ingame menu, which will let you skip time in 10 minutes Intervals


    How to install:
    1. Get Storm:

    2. Unpack the mod in the %appdata%\StardewValley\Mods Folder.
    So that it looks like this:

    3. Now start the StormLoader.exe in your Game Folder.

    Hope it works for everyone! :)
    • ShidaPenns

      ShidaPenns Void-Bound Voyager

      Hmm, maybe you could add a backwards in time button too? Though I suppose that's more likely to break things. :)
      Great mod though. Going to try it now.
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      • Democore

        Democore Space Hobo

        It strongly depends on how the original programming was done. If the code is written in a way which only handles stuff in the right order, it's most likely going to create problems.
        I'm gonna try it anyway and see how it goes! :)

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