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Do you Agree that Freezing the Clock inside Certain Buildings would be a Nice Addition?

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  1. demonfr34k

    demonfr34k Space Spelunker

    I i'd like to suggest an addition to the game which I feel would make the games time more manageable and fun; this suggestion is that when indoors the clock and day cycle is paused, but when outdoors it is as usual. This suggestion does not change the length of day or anything just allows the player to manage their time wiser when indoors. I do how ever think there should be exceptions to this such as the mine. I feel this would be a wonderful addition to the game since as a farmer days are stretched thin as it is with larger farms.
    • Eikos

      Eikos Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      One problem is that you'd have to account for NPC schedules and movements that take place indoors. Pierre's store, for example, has a fair amount of activity throughout the week that depends on the time of day.
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      • Antiochus

        Antiochus Void-Bound Voyager

        I'd rather see time lengthened or more days per season than time stopping.
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        • GreenWombat

          GreenWombat Cosmic Narwhal

          I disagree. I like the time balance in the game. It makes you actually have to plan and choose things to do each day rather than just being able to do everything which in turn forces some variety into the game rather than just checking everything off the list every single day. Plus since the game doesn't rush you to accomplish things it allows the days to require management without hurting the player overall in the long run.

          Personally I think the game should actually take it a step further and keep time running while you are talking to people, participating in heart events/regular events, and while you are doing side things like the arcade machines. That way everything you do has more value to it and you aren't just ridiculously having entire conversations with people in the span of about 2 seconds.
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          • nevyn21

            nevyn21 Cosmic Narwhal

            Yes, but only inside coops, barns, sheds and the greenhouse.
            • seth0et0holth

              seth0et0holth Star Wrangler

              I agree here. I'd like to see time lengthened (longer days) or an extra month per season than time stoppage. I like the concept of time flowing within buildings *because* it makes you think of how you're spending it, it makes NPC schedules work, and it balances the game somewhat (e.g. you can't just do everything inside your coops and barns and the greenhouse to be outside of time), and as someone who likes a challenge I think it would be a little too easymode.

              I think an official time-stop mod or option would be cool (for people who really wanted to play that way, sort of like how in Sims 3 you can pick your seasons in the seasons expansion and have eternal summer or winter if you want for example) but as for the official game I'd much rather have more time than stopped time. More time would allow for more events, more items, and enriching the game experience more for a variety of play styles :)
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              • Baruch_S

                Baruch_S Big Damn Hero

                Yeah, I'm with you there. Stopping time in buildings seems too easy, especially the shed. And it'd be either annoying or gamebreaking. If equipment stops advancing when you step inside, you'd have to constantly run in and out of the shed to make your equipment process seeds, smelt ore, recycle garbage, etc. whereas now you can just dump it in and wait if you want (which you often do for short things like smelting copper). If the equipment didn't stop running its individual clock while the day/night cycle froze when you step inside, then oh boy have you broken the game. Just wait inside for whatever you're processing to finish up; you have infinite time. Nothing would stop you from smelting dozens of iridium bars or processing loads of crops in preserve jars and kegs in one game day if you're patient (or just watch some Netflix and check the game periodically).

                Also, time stop would really unbalance ranching. It'd take just as much in-game time to care for a dozen cows as it would for one. Assuming you can afford the feed, industrial-scale animal farming would suddenly become viable because you'd have infinite time in each barn/coop. Although Stardew CAFO is an interesting concept...
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