Things you wish you knew as a new player...

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    Hi All,

    I've only been playing a few days and (despite loving it) there's soooo much to take in. I was hoping for some tips to help get me off to a good start :) Some of your farms look amazing and I hope I don't mess it up before I start :)
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    • Shajhirah

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      1. The growing time of any plant is actually the time on the item +1 (it starts counting the day after you plant it). You can have exactly 2 harvests of a plant that takes 13 days to grow, if tended diligently.

      2. Get sprinklers ASAP. They're worth every second of effort.

      3. Apart from bundles and miniquests, get as many crops that grow once and continue producing (a la green beans) as possible. They don't sell for as much, but they take less effort and they keep producing the whole season.

      4. Respect the mines.

      5. Pay attention to the TV. It's not always useful knowledge, but you'll be glad when it is.
      • ChaosAzeroth

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        5. Especially every Wed and Sun for recipes. :3 You'll need them.
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        • pmart4

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          This is perfect - Thank you!
          • pmart4

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            Ah, I didn't realise they were set day - this helps :)
            • ChaosAzeroth

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              Yep they're also year ((even/odd)) and season for specific recipes I believe. So with how forgetful I am I'll never finish the community center.X3 I'm in late Fall year 3 and still barely have any recipes. ((So forgetful.))

              Joja is easier cause it's just money but you miss out on the little bonus perks for each mini completion.
              • pmart4

                pmart4 Space Hobo

                Im not aiming at the end game really so that's okay. Just really enjoying a casual and really fun approach for now :) I'm like you, I forget a lot, ha. There isnt a time limit is there? I hope not.
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                • ChaosAzeroth

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                  Nope, the only thing that was sorta time limit was changed so it's all good for fun!
                  I'm playing both ways to be able to just cause.
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                  • Ghostly Fox

                    Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

                    There is sort of a time limit, but it's more like a timer until an evaluation that you can then repeat at any point if you provide the proper payment for reevaluation, and the evaluation itself is a lot gentler than it used to be.
                    • Dodging Rain

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                      I'm pretty sure there are some people out there that has this in the list

                      • I wish I knew about this game sooner.
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                      • ChaosAzeroth

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                        Get a silo quickly ti actually get stuff for clearing grass.
                        • musical74

                          musical74 Cosmic Narwhal

                          I'll add get the first backpack ASAP. 12 items really isn't much, especially when a bunch of them are things that you can't get rid of. Axe, pick, watering can, hoe, and scythe to start. Add fishing pole and sword, and that leaves you with just 5 empty spaces, and two of those are most likely being used by wood and stone.
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                          • mahoganyrose23

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                            Make at least 2 storage chests as soon as you can. You will need them.

                            Keep all the pine cones, acorns and maple seeds for strategic planting later on. The loot from their taps are lucrative and you can make field snacks with them which are really handy. For the longest time I trashed my acorns and such. :cry:
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                            • TheMediocreMrRook

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                              Once you've collected a decent amount of spare money, start visiting the travelling merchant north of the wizard tower every friday and wednesday. She sells Iridium bars, ore, and sprinklers, as well as rare seeds. The iridium stuff is useful but expensive, but if you can only afford one thing buying at least one rare seed before your first fall (I'm pretty sure on the last sunday of summer she will always have 5) is recommended, and plant it on the first day of fall. Edit: Also, she occasionally sells stuff for bundles, which is good to keep an eye on if you know that there's something that'll take a long time to get normally.

                              Trees can't grow in winter, make sure you've collected enough wood to afford the things you're planning on building. Planting an area very thickly with the tree seeds and harvesting it regularly is a good way to get a lot of wood and boost your foraging level.

                              At the beginning of the game, money and energy are the resources you'll run out of most frequently. Exploring and looking for forage is a good way to spend time early on since it costs neither. Once summer hits, the spa opens, and you can go there to restore energy, but it means you'll have to start managing your time better since it takes up a few hours to use. Once you've gotten a decent amount of money, you can start buying salads from the Saloon to restore energy instead.
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                              • K00PTR00P

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                                Also, what I've learned is that if you are strapped for cash fishing is a great source of income. What I did was fish in the lake with the pier south of your farm and west of Marnie's Ranch. There is only one type of fish there (Small MouthBass), and it is the easiest fish to catch. After ahwile, once your fishing skill has increased you start catching the Gold Star Small Mouth Bass, along side with the perk you get at level 5 fishing (fish are 25% more profitable) you can make up to 2-3 thousand dollars,gil, who cares, a day!

                                Also try to save up as much money as possible for Spring 13th, and buy a ton of strawberry seeds. They are one of the most profitable crops in the game. However, do not plant this spring, wait til year 2 spring.
                                • estavash

                                  estavash Tentacle Wrangler

                                  I'll second getting the silo early, because all that grass you cut with the scythe only becomes hay if you have a silo. Get the silo before you get the coop, so you have hay to feed your chickens on rainy days.

                                  Also, don't worry about fences, they're not too important in the first year except to prevent growth around fruit trees. I made the mistake of fencing in all my animals with no grass in the pen, so they had to eat hay instead. If you let them roam they'll feed themselves on sunny days.

                                  Plant a ton of parsnips. Use fertilizer. Save the gold star ones for the community building bundle, and keep the rest for inexpensive gifts for villagers. More than a dozen villagers like them. Keep extra parsnip seeds around to plug holes near the end of the season when there isn't enough time to grow anything else. (You can do the same thing with wheat an bok choy in sumner and fall.) After you harvest, plant a new seed the same day or you'll have to till again and add more fertilizer to grow something there. Remember that all your spring crops will die on the first day of summer, so time your planting accordingly.

                                  Save one or two of pretty much everything you find so you can fulfill requests later. Also save trash if there's room in your backpack to bring it home, because later you'll have a recycling machine for it.

                                  If you want to socialize and give gifts to a lot of people in one shot, go to the saloon on Friday nights.

                                  Put a chest in the mine entrance so you can stash extra goods there and make more room for loot in your backpack. Be really careful about handling bombs though, because if you accidentally place one on your chest, it will blow up and destroy everything in it. Ask me how I know... :(
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                                  • lilyeverlasting

                                    lilyeverlasting Void-Bound Voyager

                                    I'm on year 2, but reading this thread is useful. I did not know some of these.

                                    Let's see, gotta second the silo. Also, I had no idea auto-run existed under the options tab for quite a bit.
                                    • TheMediocreMrRook

                                      TheMediocreMrRook Big Damn Hero

                                      I would actually suggest against buying strawberry seeds your first year; money is really tight early on, and any money you spend on strawberries then is money that you can't spend on blueberries once summer comes along. Blueberries are basically just as good as strawberries, and come with the added benefit of being immediately available for profit rather than needing to wait a year.

                                      For your first spring, it's best to go almost entirely cauliflower; once you pass the date where cauliflower won't finish growing by summer (15th) you can switch to other things. If you're trying to knock out all of your bundle stuff, grow a lot of parsnips, and make sure to plant them on fertilizer; make sure to grow at least one potato, and plant at least one green bean plot as early in spring as possible.

                                      Edit: Also, mixed seeds. Cutting down weeds cost no energy, and since you have so little money at the beginning you aren't taking up valuable land with them. So for your first spring find and plant as many mixed seeds as you can.
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                                      • SkyPiglet

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                                        1. The scarecrow range is 8 tiles in each direction, not the 8 surrounding tiles. I wasted so much fiber on 30 Scarecrows thinking i would need one for every 3x3 plot...
                                        2. You will need fire quartz and earth crystals for later recipes. Don't sell them.
                                        3. If you are in the mines and feel overwhelmed by enemies, you can always pause by hitting ESC, then choose a food from the menu.
                                        4. Early game, don't sell salmonberries and blackberries-- they aren't worth much. Instead, save them for the mines.
                                        5. If you are strapped for resources, you can alternate fence-gate-fence-gate. Looks ugly but it works!
                                        6. On festival days, you don't have to go to the event right when it starts. You can maximize your work time by waiting until just before it ends.
                                        7. The fishing game is really about understanding acceleration and braking. Clicking repeatedly works better than clicking and holding.
                                        8. Placing paths prevents weeds/rocks/sticks from appearing there.
                                        9. You can mine/chop/hoe any of the 8 tiles surrounding your character by aiming with your mouse.
                                        10. If you make friends with the villagers, they will send you helpful things in the mail! It sucks getting 50 wood in year 3 when i could have used it in year 1.
                                        11. Are you sure you want to eat a ____?
                                        • SmaugBaggins

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                                          This is not game knowledge but good advice reguadless, Keep a eye on what the community is doing or talking about i have learned some things from watching the fourms as well as found some pretty cool people. @Lanx12 @desbro and if you need a divorce agent cause you married the wrong one talk to my man @Afterscore He will hook you up and make sure you keep all your money

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