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    I haven't seen a suggestion thread for about these things yet... Maybe I missed the boat during testing...

    Just played a little of the demo, and though I know there has been a graphical overhaul, meaning animations all superb now and all, this in effect, for me, makes the jumping feel slow... Floating... I guess it could be cool... But I feel a little quicker would actually make it feel smoother

    I also found the attacking slow, and you can't attack in multiple successions quickly. I can understand if we're trying to make it more refined and real, but I personally feel a faster attack swing and being able to use them in a slightly more rapid succession would do wonders, especially killing off enemies quickly, whilst still feeling believable.

    Now, I know my laptop isn't the best... Game runs fine nonetheless, no problems, but when I look at my inventory, or map, items, etc, game takes a dump. I don't see why this should cause the game to slow down like that - it shouldn't need to pull that many more resources from the computer, that the computer can't run the menu and causes the game to slow down like that. But I don't know... It could be just me... But even so... I feel like this shouldn't be happening.

    Last one, is the grappling... In the first game TAG, I felt you had to be quite precise in landing your hook onto those rings already, but I'm finding that I need to be pixel perfect in TAW. Am I just bad at it? Or does grappling actually feel more difficult for any else here?

    Just some thoughts and comments, ideas.

    What other things has anyone else noticed from the demo, that could be improved?
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      Here's another example of when my game would slow down and I wouldn't understand why:
      I've attached an image, around this point in the game, before it, the game's running smooth, at this point, something's causing it to slow down. If I jump off to continue on with the stage, and run all the way to the left to lead the exploding enemy, the game is smooth, on that side. Going back to this spot, and forwards, game is slow again. Something's slowing it down.

      I can understand for example, when I'm outside, and the dust storm kicks up, so the dust particles come into play, and my computer slows down - dust particles requires power, okay, but in the dungeon, what's in there?

      I'm mostly just posting, as maybe there's something missed, maybe it's a problem, or maybe it's my computer, but you never know. I don't see anything particularly 'different' that should be putting that load on my computer, compared to moments when it's running smooth.

      I have a Dell Latitude e6410
      Running Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit
      Intel Core i5 M520 (2 cores running at 2.40GHz)
      4GB DDR3 RAM
      nVidia NVS 3100M 512MB

      I know, it's not the best, but these should be more than enough... And I'm hoping these posts can help improve the game, just things I think that could need touch up. Not trying to bag down on the game or anything.
      Thanks. :)

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