The truth about Abigail (warning: silly)

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    First, lets acknowledge the elephant in the room: Humans do not eat gems. Now some people might attempt to explain this by theories about her unusual parentage, but the truth is more shocking. I submit to you that Abigail is actually a robot, and I have exclusive photographic evidence to prove it.


    Yes, as can be seen above, Maru was caught in the act of repairing Abigail! Now I know what you're going to say, Maru has medical experience as well, so she could be repairing a human. But careful examination of the scene above reveals that she is repairing Abigail with a wrench! When was the last time you say a doctor repair someone with a wrench? That's right, never.

    But it does make sense that Maru would be in on this conspiracy, as both the town's most technically inclined resident, and a hospital employee, she would be in an excellent position to conceal Abagail's true nature. Who else knows? Pierre has doubts about her being his daughter, but unless he's being quite indirect when it mentions this, it would seem he does not understand the full situation. Surely her "mother" knows, unless—and this raises an even more alarming possibility—there once was a real Abigail who has been replaced. Other than that, it would see, she has everyone fooled. In fact Abigail herself may not know she's a robot. You'll notice that she appears to be in a trance-like state during her repairs in the photo above. And she comments with apparent surprise that her hair dye seems to last forever, which of further suggests she may be unaware of her own robotic nature, as a robot would obviously not have growing hair.
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      Not never, but it's been a while, probably 1990 IIRC, but I haven't seen ilizarov rods used in a long time
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        So wait, you married Abigail and Maru just showed up and did what she would do on the farm if married and started using her wrench in that one spot? Or was this just something funny you made?
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          If farmhands can get married too, now, then multiple spouses can be on the farm at the same time, I'd think. (Which brings up the question of who gets dibs on the special 'spouse space' shown. That's Abigail's space (you can tell by the potted mushrooms) but Maru is also using it. What happens if it's Shane's chicken coop or something else that takes up the whole outdoor space?)
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            So what you are saying is that Abigail is a Synth?
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            • ManaUser

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              Yeah, that's exactly what's going on here. Abigail is my wife (little did I know at the time) and Maru is married to a farmhand.

              So it appears the farm-owner's spouse gets to decorate that space. (My farm hand actually got married first, so it's not based on seniority.) I too am curious what happens when one of the larger items is there, haven't seen that happen yet.

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