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    Well, every planet I show will be part of that federation; it will be part of the republic, but the capital of another system. In fact, the republic consists even of more stellar systems than I'll show, because other players joint the republic with their planets. In that case, the home planet of a player becomes the new capital of the system in which this home planet takes place, and the owner becomes gouverneur of the whole system. However, it still remains part of the federation, with a lot of privileges. Like, well, in Switzerland, where you have diferent cantons with a huge amount of autonomy, but they still remain part of the Swiss Confederation. The San Leonese are no imperialists, they rely on trade, and they made the experience that it's much better for the economy to decentralize. It's also another approach to human expansion than the USCM has, which is the militaristic, ideological enemy. San Leone is not an ideal state, but the government is heavily anti-centralistic, as San Leone was originally a rogue colony which seperated itself from Earth.
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    I see, thanks for the explanation! So while it will be a part of the republic it'll be in another solar system.
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    Correct. At the moment, the republic consists of four systems:

    Serena System. Beta sector. Capital planet: San Leone.
    Goliath System. Alpha sector. Capital planet: Elysium.
    Auriel System. Alpha sector. Capital planet: Hyperion.
    Euganea System. Delta sector. Capital planet: Asola.

    Goliath and Auriel are owned by other players. Asola is the planet on which I want to build the new colony, which would be the first one founded by San Leone outside the Serena system. I claimed that planet on my server, so no one will touch it until I have time. ;)
    But first I want to finish some things in the Serena System.

    And be sure, when Ocean planets are available I will stop all my works and fullfill my dream! A Venice-like city! That was my idea from the start when I purchased Starbound, until the sad day when I realized that Ocean planets weren't added to the game :(
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    You know Beatrice, one of the other people on your server should set up shop in another solar systems and build a sort of rival civilization. maybe they are just subterranean (entire cities underground) economic competitors with utilitarian buildings. perhaps they're savage and warlike enemies with patchwork buildings and armies with massive size and skill, but rubbish equipment. (rubbish. apparently I'm British now. :proper:) bottom line is great job, and I'm sure this server will hit great heights one day!
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  6. Beatrice

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    I'll first have to build up this civilization, before we can battle. :D

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  7. Beatrice

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    Dear followers,

    at the moment, the future of San Leone looks grim. The number of members has collapsed in the last months on our server, because of the lack of updates. No members, no donations. No donations, no server. The administration has announced that they will close the server at the end of the year if we don't see a change. Without server, San Leone will cease to exist.

    There are still some possibilities that it won't come to an end like this, but I feel it should be announced, if San Leone should vanish from one day to another.
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    That.. is awful.
    Can't you ask them to hand over the server files, or at least the universe files?
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  9. Beatrice

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    Yes, I'm going to ask for a backup for the main planets (San Leone, San Clemente, San Dionisio, San Antonio). However, nothing is set in stone. And needless to say that my motivation to build something new has collapsed, too...
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    Good to know it's possible to do so.. well as long as it all goes well I'm sure your motivation will return somehow ^^
  11. Breakout

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    That is so sad considering the amount of work you have put into it. Hopefully there will be n update followed by an influx of people into your server and the donations start coming in again.
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    I'd happily join the server, but I don't know German and I can't really donate >.<
  13. Beatrice

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    After the latest grave-robbery expedition, Bea stayed a weekend in South San Leone.


    Ah, the countryside! Autumn is a beautiful season in San Leone. Not that rainy, foggy month like you know it on Earth. It's more like the mild summer you encounter in the last days of September.


    However, it's still an important season of year: vintage is coming! And look at all the pretty fields we have.


    Wine is an important product of Sna Leone. It reminds us of our great culture and human heritage.


    And also a beatiful red-wine-evening, like always on San Leone...

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    "I declare this meeting of the Senate of the glorious Republic of San Leone open. The ambassador Beatrice Memmo has the word."

    "For you it's still Dr. Beatrice Memmo. I didn't study linguistics, archaeology, history and this other rubbish at university to entertain myself."

    (slightly annoyed) "Well, well, go ahead, go ahead. What is it this time? Once again a lament about the fact that you fell into a pit with sticks, losing 30.000 pixels and all your ores?"

    "Next time I'm going to invite you on that trip, Sir."

    "(whispers to a deputy to the left) Who made this person an ambassador after all?"

    "(whispers to the President of the Council) She was picked by the High Consul."


    "He wanted to get rid of her."

    "(nods) Well, that explains a lot."

    "May I speak openly?"

    "(sarcastic) We all know about your diplomatic and refined skills to hide your true opinion, ambassador."

    "Didn't you notice something in this parliament, Presidente?"


    "Beside the fact that the majority of the deputies is in the canteen, eating beef or pasta, having a glass of wine - whereas I have to read your petition? #567, by the way."

    "Well, I'm a dedicated burgher of San Leone, Presidente."

    "(whispers once again to the deputy to the left) Didn't the High Consul send her on an expedition of "no return" to the Florans?"

    "(whispers to the President of the Council) Well, in fact, it were the Florans who didn't return. Some tragic story about a prison and a lot of lava. Surprisingly, only the ambassador survived."

    "My God."

    "May I interrupt your conspirative talk?"


    "Do we have another choice?"

    "I'm not a politican, only a humble archaeologist who happens to be the greatest expert on history and culture on Earth, until it was ripped apart...

    (rolls eyes) It begins aga-hain...

    ... but I may notice one or two things when it comes to the interieur of public buildings. Ladies and gentlemen, people of San Leone - this parliament is in dire need of chairs!"

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  15. SivCorp

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    and better lighting....
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  16. Beatrice

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    Ahaha, originally, I wanted to bring that joke, too. I forgot to give the Senate the proper furniture etc., because I didn't want to stop to build, back then. I think I'll change that today or tomorrow.
  17. Beatrice

    Beatrice Spaceman Spiff

    "Ambassador Memmo?"

    "It's still Dr. Memmo."

    *sigh* "May you come and have a look?"


    "Seems like the Senate has approved."

    "And now we are all happy and can go home, eating some of the new..."

    "Well, it all seems fine, but..."



    "What about the Sala del Collegio?"



    "Oh, come on!"
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  18. Beatrice

    Beatrice Spaceman Spiff


    The "Sala del Collegio" or "Hall of the Collegium" is the room in which the political executive meets. It consists of six members. The most powerful offices have two heads to keep the republic in balance and to avoid tyranny. However, each office has a higher ranked and a lower ranked minister:

    - High Consul
    - Consul
    - High Aedile
    - Aedile
    - High Quaestor
    - Quaestor

    This system is also shown in this hall, where we have six seats on three levels. It's also noteworthy that the Aediles and Quaestors have their bureau in this complex. The Aediles and Quaestores are the leading personalities when it comes to the inner politics of the republic; the Consuls instead are responsible for foreign affairs (San Leone considers the military as "foreign affair", so the Consul is often seen as some sort of minister of defense and the High Consul as responsible for diplomatic tasks and treaties). The big word "LIBERTAS" reminds the ministers what should be the major value when deciding the future of the republic.

    There are also two other chairs in this room. The 7 Praetors, who form the Praetorium and work as Supreme Court, have always two observers present when a meeting is called. They don't have a word in the meetings, but their presence alone seems to remind the politicans that the line between corruption, high treason and incompetence is very thin for the high judges of San Leone... it gives this special kind of motivation to work even harder for peace and wealth.
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  19. Beatrice

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    And here it is, the Senate in all its glory!

    By day


    By night


    Some nearer views




    And the top of the dome, because it wasn't shown in the other pictures:

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  20. Beatrice

    Beatrice Spaceman Spiff

    Sadly, my server will close on January 1, du to the shrinking userbase. I asked the admin for a backup; not sure if I can also get my other colonies, too.

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