The Questions Dead Bear Emporium!

Discussion in 'Corporations Archive' started by The Question, May 22, 2013.

  1. ChronoFlux

    ChronoFlux Big Damn Hero

    *Strange man walks in*
    Finally dead bears! Excuse me sir or mam, your face dosent say much about you, and this is slightly questionable. But I was wondering is if you still have there souls.
  2. Pixelstomp

    Pixelstomp Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    *Lands my large factory-ship outside, and workers proceed to run around yelling BEARS*
    *Walks inside*
    Dead bear emporiums- I suggested this idea years ago, but noooooo, bears are too stupid to sell dead! WELL YEAH, WHO'S LAUGHING NOW JOANNE? HUH?!? Uhh... *ahem* Could I have 100 bear tails? Y'know, those little stubby tail thingys. *points at a few*
  3. The Question

    The Question Ketchup Robot

    Tails... You Must Be A Furry. *Shrugs, Punches An Order Into A Screen, Then Pulls A Lever And A Box Falls Out Of The Ceiling, Smashing The Question's Foot* Here You Go.

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