The Outpost

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    Outpost is an interesting place, but very unnatural. For example, where all these creatures sleep?
    Therefore, I propose to increase and improve a little the outpost.

    So, you can add:
    1) Hotel or hostel with beds.
    2) Bar - Mercenaries, drinking, rumors.
    3) Weapon shop or black market. - All residents give the hero a weapon, but it can not be bought.
    4) The established position for the different characters, so they did not run around the building. Someone, for example, may sit in the bar.
    5) First-aid station with a doctor. It can be a maniac. Or an amateur. :)
    6) Gambling mini-game.
    7) Maybe a small greenhouse for recreation. With exotic plants.
    8) Representatives of "small races".
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