The New Beginnings of Earth 2.0

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    Build in real time:

    Remember that time when Earth was destroyed by a giant octopus monster? Same. That's why I built Earth 2.0 in order to provide refuge to humans, who are now endangered species. :D

    This is going to be a city planet, filled with hospitals, condos, apartments, subway stations, parks, malls, convenience stores, multitiered farming buildings, and etc. (I'm open to suggestions) The city will be divided into different districts, and the subway system will work according to those divisions. The screen shots that I posted includes the first ever condominium in Earth 2.0.

    This build is still incomplete!!

    Subway level=station + rail.: You can reach city level by riding the elevator :D
    Screenshot (194).png

    City level (my favorite): faux doors and windows, subway entrance can be seen immediately under the faux door. The slanty doors act as an effective road for my hoverbike.
    Screenshot (193).png

    Condo Interior: This is the lobby area, very simple but still empty. I plan on building a complex elevator system, cause I want 6 floors.
    Screenshot (198).png

    Condo Interior Residential: These are the condo units on the right side. Each floor will have 8 rooms, and I placed an exterior illusion that makes it seem like a hallway. Screenshot (199).png

    I hope you guys liked my build so far! Please check out my video to see more detail and reasoning behind each aspect of the build. Thanks for reading my long post! :D
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    Pretty cool. I have plans to do a planet-wide city so I may steal some ideas from you. (;
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    awesome! :D
  4. bdavid

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    Ha! I do remember, each time I am close to forgetting it the other races remind me of that fateful day...

    So far it looks pretty good although I think that some floors are a little too tall, but the buildings itself look pretty good, hope to see them fully decorated.

    I am working on a similar project although not as ambitious as yours of creating a planet wide city but with the same basic goal: Provide a home for humans that as you said are now an effectively endangered race.

    This deserves more attention and I will keep an eye for future updates, awesome work.

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