The Mighty Rant: Space Invaders, World Destroyers and Other things.

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by sleepy123, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Starbound is all about exploring other planets, but it's not that interesting at the moment. I've got a few suggestions to GREATLY increase the game's fun and it doesn't even take that long.

    First of all and before the long rant begins, I'd request this:

    1- DEV TOOLS to easily create your own races and alter their structures, materials and all.
    2.- DEV TOOLS that are pretty much an easy to use map-maker where you can create your own dungeons, buildings and structures.
    3. A Universe in which MANY towns with different races and NPCS can be implemented.

    With only this you can have limitless dungeons, races and towns on Starbound. And that GREATLY expands what the game can do without using any resources. You pretty much have all the blocks you need to create cool stuff.

    And now for today's rant: a suggestion to spice up the game even more: SPACE INVADERS!

    1-Space Invaders

    Make it so there's another mode besides hardcore which enables certain quests and random events. Some of these events would be random invasions. Here are some ideas:
    -Penguin UFO invasions
    -Creatures from the core (hell-ish) invasions. (bonus point if they spawn in a supervolcano dungeon)
    -Panspermia creature invasions.
    -Godzilla-like monster invasiosn
    -Space bad guys invasion (cultists or any of the vanilla races)
    -Robotic invasion.
    -Town invasions. Dungeons and towns slowly get more personnel. When they have too many people they sent an expedition of 3-5 people to explore. Only one per dungeon.

    2- More Quest based invasions.
    Very simple.
    1.Install distress signal on colony or space station.
    2. SAIL would sometimes warn you about distress transmissions sent from your colonies and stations. (quest. if you decline it nothing happens)
    3. You can go there and help them defeat the invading hordes.
    4. Sometimes said invading hordes are already inside your colony.
    5. Any of the Space Invaders from point 1 can spawn. And some of them may break blocks with their weapons.

    3- Planet wreckers. Infinite planets? Make THINGS happen to these planets.

    This is where things get crazy. Random events and quests that may change the shape of the planet. The catch is not all planets will have this. Only the ones at the highest tiers. Most planets would be safe to build on.

    1. Glitch wizard may turn planet into Antropus/tentacle biome unless their dungeon is cleared
    2. Robot invasion may terraform planet into cyber world unless their dungeon is cleared
    3. Apex scientists may create a zombie outbreak and add the poison cloud weather unless their dungeon is cleared.
    4. USS troops may turn the planet into a wasteland unless stopped.
    5. Some random cartoon Villain has chosen to terraform your planet. Stop him.

    4- -Random BOSS/miniboss invasion.
    As simple as it sounds. Make it so a single entity or perhaps some minions may randomly spawn on some planets. SAIL will warn you that something has crashed on your planet and it's up to you to go there and defeat it. It's great because if modders create more bosses it will be really innovative.

    5- Conquest. The invader is YOU!

    It's very simple as well.
    1. Add some town "defenses" like turrets, shield generators or key structures.
    2.If you attack said defenses, town goes hostile.
    3. If you destroy those defenses, guards stop spawning
    4.i If you kill the remaining guards, town becomes yours. You can steal anything you want and the remaining inhabitants will give you pixels.

    Something simpler yet: Make it so you can attack NPCS without stealing their stuff first. Then once you've killed the guards you can simply put a colony deed in every house.
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    I like the idea. We have a Universe too peaceful right now. I want to see some chaos to fight against... ^^
    Maybe the destruction of the planet don't need to have time. You can try whenever you want, but you can only die 3 times. So we can call some friends if the planet is important. Or put a timer any way, this brings fear and suspense, and I like that.
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    I would also enjoy some kind of invasion mechanic, but it would be hard to implement well. Some people get attached to their npcs and will cycle through the deed tons of times to get it all just right.

    It would be fun to have to defend your base from invaders though
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