[The Kingdoms] A Myriad of poor options.

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    This all began on a Monday ... I mean it had to be a Monday, it was a terrible day from start to finish so logic backs me up on that. Well to be honest it didn't start out that badly ... not until I woke up at least and found I'd overslept. Everyone in the barracks had already left too, at least one of them could have TRIED to wake me at least.

    It was while I was rushing past the Protectorate government building that I felt it, a sudden upheaval in the ground. I planned to wait it out at first ... I mean earthquakes aren't that uncommon here and I was in an open area ... but then again earthquakes aren't usually accompanied by giant tentacles bursting from the ground. So ... sprinting now for the shipyard where the unit's ship is (in theory) waiting for departure for routine patrol.

    Except ... that's it I see lifting off as I reach the pad. Kessler, the unit's assigned pilot seems to have panicked and lifted off without most of the unit. Probably won't do him much good though if that tentacle continues on it's current arc ...

    Yep. I nodded to myself and moved on to look for some way off the planet.


    Found something, looks like Avali tech from the look of it. Touchy at the best of times and this one looks like it's been called in for maintenance .... just great. I didn't have any better options though so I climbed in and began launch preparations. Thankfully SAIL seems to have been compatible with it's systems (I'm no bloody pilot). I left it up to SAIL to manage the launch and strapped myself in.

    I must have passed out at some point during launch, you'd think I'd have had plenty of sleep but no, I'm not a morning person, sue me. Either way I'm pretty sure I was nowhere near Earth ... no way of checking that though since SAIL looked like it'd been knocked offline.

    Feedback error ... Avali tech, I swear. No wonder it was in for maintenance. After SAIL finally finished booting itself up I asked it to bring the ships sensors back online so it could tell me where we were and the state of the ship.

    Glados Myriad.png
    ... Yeah, no clue. The ship at least?

    According to SAIL's diagnostic most systems appear to have rebooted properly, the FTL drive is completely shot though ... great. SAIL informed me that it should be easy enough to patch it up enough to get us in range of somewhere that could fix it properly but it's going to require me to head down to the planet for a few days to gather the necessary materials. Well shopping list in hand I get ready to head .... wait what? File registration information for the ship? Who even cares?

    Well apparently it's a big deal after all since the registration is required for the teleporter to function properly, I could teleport down easily enough but teleporting back to a moving target without a registered link to the ship? Yeah ... don't feel like floating around in space. So I guess (for the the time being at least) welcome to the "Ikaruga"

    - Private 1st Class Hiyori Kazane -​
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    The First Day

    Kind of sucks that my gear was already loaded onto the unit's ship ... no getting it back now. I did manage to find a few things in the ship's cargo including some provisions and a weapon ... I use that term in the loosest possible sense though. It's in terrible repair but at least it's not some giant unwieldy sword. Always preferred the lighter weapons like rapiers anyway. Anyway I took a few shots of the surrounding area to use as a reference and headed off.


    I suppose it could've been worse, I could have been stuck orbiting some hellhole of a volcanic planet so at least this seems rather pleasant for the time being. I keep catching glimpses of some markers of civilisation at least so I might be able to find some help getting the ship in order faster than I thought.

    ... or maybe not.


    Civilisation seems a bit of a big ask seeing how badly these buildings have deteriorated. I'd estimate about 40-50 years or so of wear and tear ... then again I'm not exactly an architect so who even knows ... or cares? Either way they'll provide some material to set myself up a small base camp to explore from. Don't have much time till nightfall though, so I'm thankful that ship had a Matter Manipulator in storage. Should only take a couple of hours to at least secure a place to sleep.

    Well it's no architectural masterpiece (I did say I wasn't one remember) but for the time being it'll keep the rain off and what passes for wildlife around here out. I can think about expanding it into a proper base of operations when I've got daylight to work with.

    - Private 1st Class Hiyori Kazane -​
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    Your shelter is adorable!

    Great start. Keep it up.
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    The Second Day
    So here we are the crack of dawn, bright eyed and bushy tailed and .... yeah I think I just threw up too. Okay so it's 10 .... ish, but better late than never to get started on building a better place to sleep. I had SAIL go through some architectural records last night and pick me a few designs that would wouldn't be too hard to build from local materials. With any luck ... I can actually follow the one design to the end without getting them mixed up. Fingers crossed.
    Alright so, it looks a little different than the blueprints but at least it looks like it can stand up to more than a stiff breeze, which is a step up from basic training. I had to pay to replace that tent too ... twice. >.>

    While I was slacki ... I mean taking a rest I also planted some of the plants I managed to forage from the surroundings into something vaguely resembling a proper field. I also took some time to dig out a well to supply the fields with water. Okay I lied I used some shape charges from the ship's stores ... digging is hard.

    At this point I wanted nothing more than an afternoon nap but SAIL got on my case about getting a field workshop set up to handle crafting the components we need to get the ship mobile again. Why does an AI have to be such a slave driver? Oh well the sooner this gets done the sooner I can get the sleep that nature clearly intended for me.

    There ... I hope you're happy now SAIL ... No answer ... well it did mention finding some files in the system that were heavily password protected so I guess it's busy with that. So no objections will be forthcoming to my "performance test" of my new bed.
    - Private 1st Class Hiyori Kazane -​
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