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    intergalactical evil pirates
    the scum of society!
    The Dread are a race of semi-skeletal beings considered by many as inherently evil. They show no respect for other races, or even between themselves, constantly cursing, killing, battling and making fun of anyone who crosses their way. They have no scientific name, and mostly, they don't care about how they call themselves. The name "dread" is just the most popular among many ways to refer to them, because of their known behavior when in contact with other races.

    During it's early ages, the dread used to live in a very far part of the universe, with no contact with any other intelligent life forms. Instead they had to deal with ferocious creatures and hostile environments, wich led them to have no mercy, respect, morality (hygiene... :x ), and to fight for their lives no matter the cost.
    When they finally managed to develop enough technology to leave their home planet and have the first contacts with other intelligent beings, it didn't go that well... Instead of aiming for polite conversations, learning, sharing experiences, the Dread always choose to steal technology and valuables, pillage towns and merchant ships, torture and kill other races' members and sometimes have them as slaves (or meal).
    Even having inferior technology, they managed to hold themselves agains their first enemies by outnumbering and sneaky attacking. Their behavior led other races to avoid contact when possible, for quite some time...

    ~Fear the Dread!!!

    Most technology developed by the dread themselves is considered primitive by everyone else, consisting basically of steam engines and very few electrical devices. Other than that, it's not hard to find dreads using other forms of technology, obtained either by stealing or by bad attempts of reverse engineering.

    ~A Dread batleship (mech ?)

    Their weapons can be anything they reach during a battle, including rocks, plancks, wooden swords and dull knives, but when given time to prepare themselves, they can also use weapons from other races, and even a few well-made swords.

    ~Some weapons used by the Dread:

    When it comes to firearms, their technology is also very primitive, but they can pack a strong punch!
    it consists of one-charge pistols, sharpshooters, home-made bombs and even hand cannons.
    Of course, as it's their trademark, it's not hard to see dreads with stolen guns from different races...

    ~Some of the Dread guns:

    The life of a Dread:
    Dreads are assexuated and reproduce by mitosis. When they lose a limb, given the right conditions, it have a small chance of growing a new dread. There are also stories about people who got bitten or touched by a dread, and after some time, became one of them. But those are only rumors and it's high unlikely that it happens.
    During it's early ages, a dread kid is constantly harrased by the older ones, and are given small tasks, such as stealing weapons during a battle, or bringing water and food. They learn from very soon to despise everyone else, due to the way they are treated when young.
    As soon a dread is capable of speaking, lifting heavier weights, move faster and become more resistant, it's taught how to fight. Almost at the same time, it's cells become mature, and it's able to reproduce. During it's teen/adult ages, the life of the Dread is basically fighting, stealing, pillaging villages, invading spaceships, and a lot of drinking. (good times...)
    In very rare occasions, if a dread happens to grow outside it's culture, it can learn to live a different life, sometimes pacific, sometimes serving as a soldier for other races, or even taking political roles in other societies during times of war.
    when a Dread becomes old, his bones and muscles starts to calcify and it's movements are highly nerfed. At this stage, either their bodies serve as food, are used as material for furniture, or are simply dumped in space.

    ~A "lucky" Dread, who happened to become a lamp post after getting old...

    Dread politics, religion and relationships:
    Little is known about these topics...
    As far as everyone knows, there's no kings, leaders, chiefs, or any important historical figures amongst Dreads. They follow no rules and usually do whatever they feel like doing. If one dread insults another, generally it ends in one of them (or both) getting killed, or playing card games and drinking.
    While most of the Dread are considered atheist, there are reports of some of them discretly praying before battles or during dangerous situations. This behavior leads to think that, either dread are religious in a discreet way, without temples or rituals, or only some of them are religious, and hide this fact (trusting in something else other than one's own skill and strength is considered weakness between them).
    It's said that, if you manage to ignore the violent behavior, the smell, and the imminent possibility of a Dread stealing from you, they can be awesome drinking buddies! :rofl:

    ~Amazing art by Dragonith! ^o^


    Standing still:

    sitting, crouching and jumping:

    Walking, running and swimming:

    Weapons, guns and mechs:

    Some random clothing:

    EDIT: This cool guy named Camera made a thinner and more skeletal looking version of my sprite, and it's amazing!
    He's more experienced with sprites than me, but don't take my word, you can check for yourself. take a look at his awesome race suggestion here -> Meet the Drale
    I'll try to adapt my own sprites according to his version soon
    Thanks for the help, Cam :giggle:


    PS: this is only a work in progress, and i'm accepting any help from storytellers and artists, pixelart or not! ;)
    The main reason behind the creation of this race is the lack of a pirate race in starbound (of course, there's speculation about pirate hylotl, but meh...), and i felt that some might think maneating plants aren't evil enough!
    Hope ye mateys like it! Arrr! :rofl:

    And don't forget to upvote if you like! :up:
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  3. Jonesy

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    I'm Guybrush Threepwood, and I approve of this suggestion.
  4. creepwolf

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    A step up from just your run of the mill undead I think. I don't know about myself but if it is a playable race I bet a few others might choose it.
  5. frostybubbles

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    very cool. If it was playable race, I would sail the seas if space singing "Yoho yoho a pirates life for me"
  6. Lobo

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    lil' update about their religious views :up:
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  7. NovaTheKid

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    i absolutely love the idea of a pirate race. this is well thought out and the "undead-ness" of the dread fit the pirate theme very well. though im not sure if id find myself playing as one, as im probably gonna have a Hylotl dressed as a pirate instead.
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  8. Argthrond

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    I approve this, obviously! :DD
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  9. Rippedfang

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    did you do all this art yourself?
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  10. The Demon of Borders

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    Yes, I like this suggestion.

    If you need storywriting, I'll work with you in a heartbeat.
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  11. Lobo

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    I had to...
    When i first started working on this idea, i was too shy to ask some1 else for help :notworthy:

    I'd love it! :rainbow:
    I already wrote something to give this race a base, like, where they come from, how they behave, but they story lacks important historical facts, fancy stuff like that :giggle:
    If you happen to have any good ideas to implement this suggestion, i'd gladly take your help!
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  12. Rippedfang

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    So you drew those ALL of this, including the "skeleton pirate lamp guy"?!, if so I'm impressed. this is some pretty good stuff, and you're good with sprites too!
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  13. Lobo

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    haha, I'm glad you like it! :giggle:
    yup, i made all the images, including the lamp post pirate guy
    but since i'm not a professional artist, everything took me weeks, and i'm still not satisfied with the sprites :notworthy:
    they are "skeletal" versions of the human sprites, and i think i made them too shallow... but i hope some good pixel artist will show up to help me at some time!
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    I gotta say, that pirate ship sprite is awesome though! By shallow do you mean they aren't different enough from the human sprite? I think you should make there clothes more tattered and worn (on the sprites) and I dont think there noses should be black. Their noses should, in my opinion, be dark shades of their skin color. Lol I don't want to sound condescending though. This is some cool stuff though and I can tell you put A LOT of work into it. Cool beans! :up:
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    Everything about this topic is right.
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  16. IronLotus

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    This needs to be in the game. The lack of rum in these pictures is shameful though. (just kidding)

    Edit: And on the suggestions up-vote page the amount of people that don't know the difference between up and down is too damn high!
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    The reason this is getting downvoted is because you gave the topic an awful name.

    When we see "PIRATES!!1!1!!1 :3 :D" two things come to mind; first is that it's about Space Pirates, that have been suggested 4,000 times, and second is that a 12 year old made it.
    Both of which give you instant downvotes.

    I'd normally suggest you ask a Mod for a name change, but you're already -11 votes and that'd be hard to recover from, so if you really want to see the topic make it's way back up I'd copy everything you have and ask a mod to delete the topic and you should repost with a better name.
    This way you get the slate wiped clean.
  18. Lobo

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    Thaaanks for the feedback ppl! :love:

    yup, exactly :)
    i think they are too similar to humans as they are, and the unique details on them are kinda weak, but i struggle really hard to make sprites, so i need some practical help on that :notworthy:
    good suggestions tho!

    By the eight, you're damn right!!! this needs more rum! :rofl:

    haha, don't worry ;)
    i know a few reasons why my suggestion got downvoted...
    the fact that the name isn't very clever sure helps getting downvotes, but even if i change it to something more "attractive" (just please, don't suggest "meet the dread" because that's cliche :rofl:) the downvotes aren't stopping, cause there's a "group" of race and NPC downvoters in this forum :(
    a lot of people think that, by downvoting every npc and race suggestion, they'll somehow force devs to release the beta earlier, with is unlikely...
    even some of the great race suggetions, like the parfelians and the glunaught got massively downvoted at first! they recovered from the negative votes after, with the help of the community, and i hope i can at least reach 0 again with the help of you guys :giggle:
    But i really don' care too much, because i've come across a few threads showing how flawed this votting system is, and i feel like it's going through some changes soon...

    anyway, do you have a good suggestion of a better thread name for me? i agree, "pirates! D:" sounds a bit childish... X3

    PS: sorry about the gigantic post! :V
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    They're OK
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  20. IronLotus

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    I wish I could help with the name but I'm not very creative when it comes to that :oops: I'm more of a content person. Speaking of that, each race has it's own personal foods and I think The Dread need some too! Starting with...RUM! I think they should be things you would find on any pirate ship! Also, their generated villages! Maybe they should be darker kinds of wood with a little bit of a run down look with oil lamps (possibly made out of Dreads?) hung around the places. I can try to help you with things like that :p
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