The Destroyers & the Dreads

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What would the slime be used for?

  1. Genetics

  2. Medical Uses (like healing skin)

  3. Statues

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  4. Armor/weapons

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  5. All of the above

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  6. Flubber!

  7. Nothing

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    The destroyer on top; dreads on bottom.

    The Destroyer
    The Destroyer is a manifestation of war and power
    Although harmless to a passing player, when in sight of another destroyer, they will both blow their trunks as horns of war. All npcs and mobs nearby (passive or evil) will immediately evacuate the area, ignoring the player.
    They will back off from each other a good distance, and start dropping Dreads out of their EXECUTION HOLE. The Dreads come out immediately in a pack of four, and afterwards at about one dread per second in war, and one dread per two seconds in player versus.
    There is a max of 6 Dreads (per Destroyer) in a war, and 8 dreads in a player fight.
    There is a visible amount of slime in the Destroyers stomach, which is therefore limited.

    The Dread
    The Dread is the extremely athletic, extremely strong, extremely fast, extremely sharp, and extremely agile summon of the Destroyer. In fight, they never miss a shot with a laser, and are extremely hard to hit due to their constant movement.
    Once killed, they fall into a pile of slime, which will be consumed & recycled by the Destroyer.

    The Slime
    This slime is a slow moving liquid, so it will not quickly dissipate.
    This slime could be used in genetic experiments, or spray-on bandages and stomach coating anti-diarrhea medicine.

    The Death
    On the rare chance that you encounter two Destroyers at once, they will immediately fight.
    The fight may last a very long time, and continues if you leave the area.
    The two Destroyers stand back while their Dreads fight each other off while attempting to purge the enemy Destroyer.
    Once one of the Destroyers dies, its great, glowing, golden eyeball falls as a drop, and the other Destroyer cleans up the slime and sucks up the eyeball, making their stomach glow. This is a level 2 destroyer, which, if "despawned", may appear at another time.

    The Player Versus
    If the player either attacks the Destroyer or grabs a Glowing Eyeball whilst the Destroyer is near, the Destroyer will assault the player with Dreads. The Dreads, again, do not ever miss, but they do not take much damage to kill, and, if the player is strong enough, there should be ample time between dreads to deal damage to the Destroyer, who will be constantly shuffling backwards if you attempt to get close to them.

    Barbaric vs Modern
    Dreads in Barbaric worlds will use melee, slowing the fight to an extent, but being able to deal more ample damage to the player.
    Dreads in Modern worlds will spawn with laser cannons.

    Use as a pet
    Destroyers might be tame-able as what are basically defence towers, in the case of someone assaulting your camp, but will not avoid war with other Destroyers which pass on by.

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