Digital The Dawn of Two Suns (A Starbound Comic)

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Absurdisan, Jan 18, 2014.

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    :concerned: Oh..I appear to be leaking....this is bad.
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    Haaaaah... It has been just shy of a two year gap in comics, similar to last time actually. Despite all this time, only two people has posted since my last post. JSG6155 and Nethril, bless your heart. Here's a rundown of what has happened since then. Starbound has been officially released, more or less around the time that you released the last page, the fifth page of your comic. At some point between then and now, I acquired the funds for a new computer and finally played Starbound. It was awesome, and I still play it once in a while. Then I remembered this comic. All of this really. And I was afraid. Afraid that you would follow, as many have, into oblivion. My last post said that I was going away to prepare something and that I had something important to do. I can't remember what that thing was, but that doesn't matter. I wanted to draw fanart for your comic. I know that isn't some great task or anything, but setting my mind on that allowed me to grow as an artist. I sketched the drawings for both characters within that week, but in a way that oddly resembles my last post, Real life takes precedence. A year went by, and the characters were still scarcely sketched. So much happened, nearly too much if I'm honest, that I couldn't even remember the characters names, much less how they looked like. I could've just checked here to refresh my memory, but I was afraid to see exactly what I now see. Silence. Scarcely a word from anyone until nearly a year later, and then more of that emptiness, until now.

    I finished the sketch four months ago.

    I colored it two months ago.

    And now I present to you, from an amateur artist to you, my first ever pieces of fanart.
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  3. Blurkeisaname

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    For whatever reason, I can't directly post them here. Unfortunate. Oh well. It's a pain, but here's the links to them.

    I guess this is goodbye. I'll check in every once in a while, but I'd be lying if I said I had any hope left. That's not your fault, but well current circumstances make it hard to not be cynical.

    Now to repeat the words I said so long ago.

    "You've done great work, keep up the great work, unless you don't want to, then don't. Good luck with your present situation whatever it may be! Especially so, if it happens to be needed."

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    And so. The last of the watchmen stand, waiting... yearning for the day the great lord who draws to return.
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    Ankaa = wear a orange dress
    Corvus = Wear a cowboy costume clothing thing
    (Trying to go to the classic style of cowboy)
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    :fishbowl:It's been a whole year... I hope this comic comes someday. Hopefully this comment revives the thread.
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    I hope
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    Every one, huh? I've been watching this thread and even saved it. Refreshing it every few days, I sure as heck hope you've got every intention to finish.

    Edit: this was taken from page 14 of the comments so who knows how long ago he said this, yet I still hold him to it.

    Edit edit: he made a final post after that, yet I still hold him to it.

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