The Colony

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    Entry One:

    Phenyl Bandero, entry one. The ship's warp drive is shot. We don't have the materials to repair it at the moment and began unloading what we could. We've setup a couple homes and a wooden platform for lookout. Heavy rains forced us to build an awning between the shelters. Our hylotl friend has established himself as guard and the avian as a cleaner. Exploration is next on my list. I must dismantle these electronics for the turrets. Phenyl, out.


    Entry Two:

    Phenyl Bandero, entry two. Found a new weapon, the rifle is incredibly more useful than the sword. The handiest thing about it is that it produces ammunition from energy. I managed to rig two turrets together, hopefully that will provide safety for us. I took the teleporter back to the ship and found a log containing a guide to repairing the drive. Supposedly I require "Core Fragments" found only at a planets core. It will definitely be a challenge. Also quick note to self, rebuild the wooden platform in a way for moving efficiency and when reinforcing the awnings with stone, use proper mortar. Today while on top of the dwelling I think I saw a tree in the distance. Exploration after another dwelling and a farm is my main concern. These heavy rains are definitely an annoyance. The farm will be what I focus on for now. Another note, create a lockdown system so we can lockdown when the monsters come. Phenyl, out.


    The following entries were made by the first colonist Phenyl Bandero. The entries were found in the same hut he is in now within a pile of bones. Whether they are Phenyl's or not is unknown.

    The New Entries:

    Hello, I am adventurer Dodeca. Phenyl left behind a treasure of information on planets and successful colonization attempts. I am here to continue this teaching. My current predicament is quite dire. My ship is damaged and I have just barely reestablished connection with the OutPost. After Chancing upon Phenyl's attempts at colonization I ran into the Scourge. Nasty tentacle beings. The fight that ensued killed my crew, my home world, and I was left adrift. I hope to start anew and revive my people.The planet I am currently marooned on had decent resources and some left over storage chests from what I believe to be research attempts. I managed to use the resources to arm myself and construct rudimentary stations. My companion Mako and I are struggling to salvage more resources from the planet. Hopefully the future holds better.

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  2. Do continue. The pictures make it delighting.
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    Just an update to the few who have read. I am waiting until the 1.0 release to restart the story where Phenyl's journal is foudn by a crew. See ya then.
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    You still continuing this?
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    Yes I believe I shall.

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