Modding Help The Belly Mod RETURNS! ...If I can get it to work.

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by FerreTrip, Feb 3, 2015.

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    Okay, been ages, but my silly Belly Mod is something that I wanna try and get back into. Somehow. Even if I have to outsource the actual spriting to my friends. Questions have arisen, though, with the new version of the game, each question explained in more detail below:

    1. Where the heck does the game get its assets, now?
    2. Is hunger just no longer a thing? What about warmth--if it's still around, can you set a "base" warmth value?
    3. Is there any way to make different animated frames for tops beyond what is already given, or are they still static?
    4. If I can't futz with the game's assets directly, or even if I can, is there a new process in making the mod packs?
    I've looked all over for the assets, but I can't even find the Novakid folder. Not only that, but I swear the Hylotl's side dot thingies are more pronounced, now. I want to be able to mess with the assets directly so I can more actively see any changes I make on sprites. As of right now, I still actually have all the old stuff in my Starbound folder, but I can't see them being applied in-game. I know the game can't be getting them from the net directly, since I was playing sans net yesterday. Does my old stuff screw up the current folder system, or...?

    I'm not seeing any effects of hunger or warmth anymore, and I notice there's a cooldown for eating now. Are hunger and warmth gone? One of my ideas for the mod was that eating a lot while full (and thin) would make you "gain weight". I suppose now I could say that if you eat a very potent meal at high (but not full) health multiple times in a row, you will gain weight, but regardless, what happened to hunger? And for warmth, if it's not gone, is there a way to make the mod alter what the character's "base" warmth is? As in, what their warmth level is whilst naked? As we all know, fat is a heat insulator, after all, so it would automatically increase one's internal warmth level. I'd love to put that into the mod.

    Something I wanted to do soon after starting the mod was to give the upper body clothing/armor different frames of animation, just like there are for the lower body garments. This way, I could make the bellies jiggle easily without having to make believe with the clothing--they could bounce along with! Not only that, but even so, the females are going to have fatter chests just like males, and that means bouncing up there. It would be very hard to figure out how to make static clothing that allows bouncing of the female assets to remain under the clothing.

    I know there's a topic for this already, but I just wanna make sure/refresh my memory :facepalm:

    Thank you everyone who reads this, and I'm sorry for being such a dunce. It's been ages since I've picked this game up due to how guilty I feel about neglecting this very mod, but now I wanna more than ever, thanks to the awesome work that's been done. I need help with this to get it back up and running, and question 3 is probably my biggest hurdle, tbh. If there's a way to fix that, I'd be eternally grateful.
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    Do you want to know how to unpack the assets (assets/packed.pak) or where to find some specific files in the unpacked assets (i guess you are looking for the files inside the humanoid directory)?

    Hunger and temperature have been removed from the game. Eating now gives you (overall) greater bonus depending on the type of food you ate, but prevent you from eating during a limited period of time. Aside from suits tech which protects you from either extreme cold or extreme heat (on either cold or hot planets), there is no more warmth or cold protection. I'm afraid that you can't use the new "temperature" with your mod, but maybe you can add specific status effects depending on whether you eat too much or not enough. Well, i don't really know, i haven't used your mod back in enraged koala, but it sounds fun, i'll check it out if you release a new version.

    About the animated tops, i have no idea, i haven't tried (though i'd say it's not possible, but again i'm not sure).

    Packing mods is the same as before (though you'll need to provide th asset_packer with a name for your mod, but that's all). I don't really get what you mean by "futz with the game's assets directly" (if you want to modify the game files, that's a bad idea, mods are here for that).
  3. FerreTrip

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    What I mean is, I want to find what the game is looking at to find the sprites. Then I wanna copy, like, the body sprites and paste as something else as a backup, then save my modded sprites over the originals so that they appear in the game next time I flick it on. And wait about five minutes for it to boot.

    Awwwww.... Well, thank you, I'll see what I can do. I meant for the mod to be mostly cosmetic, tbh, but hey.

    Damn. Wonder if there's a way I can talk to one of the game programmers or something about it....

    Ah. I guess I'll just look at a tutorial or something when my brain isn't mush.

    Thanks for the reply!
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  4. Nordaadder

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    Is this still being worked on?

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