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Digital The Art of Teal - Taking Requests!

Discussion in 'Art' started by desbro, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. desbro

    desbro Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This post is separate from my usual art threads for one reason: It's not just me offering art, but two other super talented ladies that I've joined up with to create collaborative pieces with!

    We call ourselves Teal in Triplicate and we're looking to break into the modding scene. However, these two are less well versed in the world of chucklefish related fanart (namely the Starbound and Stardew variety) so we opted to come here and fulfill a few requests to help them get their feet wet and get those creative juices flowing!​

    What We're Offering -

    We're going to offer a few things in the future, but for the moment, what we're offering is colored headshots! Curious to know what to expect with those? Here's an example:


    Now obviously, there's no limit on what we're comfortable doing face/character/racewise. We're a pretty varied bunch and we're capable of doing a lot together! If you want a better idea of what we do separately, here are some links:

    To begin, we will be taking just three slots! These are claimed on a first come first served basis in the comments below and as a slot fills, it will be reflected in the below list!
    The Queue -
    1. Open.
    2. Open.
    3. Open.
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  2. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    If you need some practice, you're free to make use of the main characters from my Starbound fanfic. I've got both in-game sprites and a commissioned piece of coverart (see the linked thread) you can use as references.


    The protagonist is Vikton, an Apex engineer who fled the MiniKnog and joined the Protectorate. As a result, he wears a standard Protector uniform with orange colouring, as per his profession. He has brown fur and is reasonably well-groomed, although events of the story leave him a bit more disheveled.

    The other main character is Illinal, an Avian soldier who deserted the Stargazers and ultimately joined the Protectorate to help the Grounded, who serves as the more traditional hero of the story. She wears a Protectorate tank top with an Avian Worker Skirt, both in red due to her being a soldier. Vikton also gave her the Protectorate Flower found during the prologue, which she wears in her plumage. Her feathers are mostly blue, with white ones around her chest and torso (as per the standard Avian sprite).

    Illinal 1.jpg
    Illinal 2.jpg

    As I said, use them however you wish. I'm looking forward to seeing your future forays into the Starbound fandom.

    Also, I see on your profile that you're interested in a storywriter for soundboarding purposes. I've got experience with creative writing, so I'd be happy to provide feedback on any ideas you might have.

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