Story The adventures, mishaps and general tomfoolery of Mr B. Irdbrain

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    This is the story of my Avian character, Mr B. Irdbrain, and is inspired entirely by gameplay. It will be done in chunks, when I have played enough to create a decent amount of writing. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy creating him!

    * - * - * - *

    Captains Twig, Moondate 000.001: 23:04

    I know nothing about how I got here, but here I am (Kluex be praised). The last thing I remember was narrowly escaping the giant tentacled beast that had attacked Earth. So far, it would seem I am the only survivor, Kluex watch over their souls.

    After re-booting my ships computer, it seemed like we had come into orbit around an inhabitable planet. As the teleporter was operational, I took it upon myself to see what materials could be found to make my ship operational. There was wood and stone and ore a-plenty. More surprising than that was the discovery of a small camp site with a single human inhabiting one of the tents.

    Discussion with this lone explorer unearthed something which may help in my repairs. Core fragments, which are located deep underground, could be used to repair the thrusters. As it happened, the camp site was located next to the opening of an abandoned mineshaft. Time will tell if these stones will enable my thrusters to work again.

    I must explore these mines.

    Irdbrain out!

    Addendum (Moondate 000.001: 21:15)
    - It appears these mines will not be easy to explore. There are ferocious beasts that, quite literally, would rip me apart. Thank Kluex that the onboard cloning station is still operational. I must find materials to craft both weapons and armor before venturing back into those caves.

    Note to self (Moondate 000.001: 22:10)
    - Blocking yourself into a cave to prevent wild beasts attacking you tends to work best if you don’t seal the beast in with you.

    Discovery (Moondate 000.001: 22:13) - Found a nice looking pod chest. Must have been left by the miners when they cleared out.

    Discovery (Moondate 000.001: 22:17) - Discovered a previously unknown species of small furry rodent. The creature in question, which I have named a Sqwee-Rell seems to subsist solely on seeds. They don’t appear to be as tough as some of the other creatures here, thank Kluex.

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