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WIP thakyZ's LillyMod

Discussion in 'Other' started by thakyZ, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. thakyZ

    thakyZ Cosmic Narwhal

    Welcome to the Official LillyMod discussion thread!

    Mod repo: https://github.com/thakyZ/LillyMod

    - This is just a temporary thread body for now until I can set up a better one. -

    LillyMod is a mod with an assortment of different objects and items. It contains end tier armor and weapons. Also contains objects like furniture and even a status pod. I would love to here your feedback on how you like this mod so far in early development. You can download the mod in the link above from github. And I will soon release it to the Chuckle Fish mod repo.

    A year ago I created a mod pack called LillyPak and I included a mod in it called LillyMod with some additional parts to LillyMod such as LillyMod-Planets, LillyMod-Intro and so forth. I am now developing LillyMod to work without some of those other mods that were included in LillyPak.

    I am currently halting development for the stable branch of Starbound, and instead developing for nightly which is ever changing, but I for sure can keep up.

    Again I will be adding more to this discussion when I can.
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