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Temperature requirements, will we ever see you again?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by RamsiC, Jan 25, 2016.


Should Temperatures be readded to Starbound?

  1. Yes

    13 vote(s)
  2. No

    9 vote(s)
  3. Yes, but I'd like to see it back to the old system of standing near warm items.

    11 vote(s)
  4. Yes, but I'd like to see a more building friendly version with temperature movement.

    13 vote(s)
  1. RamsiC

    RamsiC Big Damn Hero

    Looking to house a proper discussion here but is anyone kind of surprised by the readdition of hunger but a complete lack of temperature requirements?

    I guess I'm surprised because of how well received it was in the beginning like Hunger. It was that annoyance that, sure it could be fixed by standing next to a torch, but it added a dash of realism. You'd warp to a new spot, you'd build a shelter, and you'd do your best to take care of your needs as you went spelunking. Like I said some people saw it as annoying because it could be solved with a torch but personally I saw that splash of realism and a true need to colonize a planet better than just warping planet to planet ravaging it's resources then bailing out.

    What is more surprising is the fact that with the way Starbound's tech has evolved the temperature system could have quite a few perks to the game as it stands now. We already have a colonization system; what would happen if most colonists required a certain understanding of temperature to be happy, maybe extreme temps for certain types of colonist?

    More so at this point temperatures could be introduced in quite a few different ways. Would it be that invisible "liquid/aura" that can fill a room over time based on size of rooms, doors, etc? Do we emulate the old system where if you're somewhat close to a warm item your need fills over time? Etc etc.

    What are your thoughts on the matter everyone?
  2. Frost Spectre

    Frost Spectre Big Damn Hero

    I'd say they have to turn it into a liquid, which is the same thing in real life, gas acts like liquid and different density gasses pile up over time too.

    But with some simplifications of course...

    For buildings, it'd be nice if one heat source could cover up the whole building, with doors blocking cold air.
    And viseversa for hot air and have air conditioning.

    It could be: warm and cool air is consumed by cold and hot air, but the source of the air will have a "sphere" which cannot be consumed by the "hostile" air.
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  3. RamsiC

    RamsiC Big Damn Hero

    That would be pretty awesome Frost, but I'm not sure if CF would be willing to put the time in for that.
  4. Mr.PotatoFudge

    Mr.PotatoFudge Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Did any of you guys ever find the "cold layer" of your world?

    that was the most stupidest thing ever

    it was literally a line near the bottom of the caves

    normal temperature
    negative 5000 degrees

    I like the new method now but it needs some

    like how i can dive to the bottom of Freezing worlds oceans using a cold skin

    and yet i cant swim around in lava using my fire skin

    Also how did you guys deal with the cold

    for me i just kept a campfire in my hot bar and slammed it on the ground whenever i got to dying temperature
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  5. Sairyu

    Sairyu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    oh ,did you guys know there is Ice planet so close to his parent star like our mercury close to our sun
    surface is around 400°C hot and Ice not melting nore vaporizing becouse planets strong gravitational pull
  6. Zantharan

    Zantharan Void-Bound Voyager

    I would like to see it implemented as a liquid, i miss having to make a jacket to stay warm. I would like to see "warmth" added as a random buff on armors. That way you would need to balance utility and armor. There would definitely need to be a craftable jacket just in case you never found an armor with the buff.
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  7. Frost Spectre

    Frost Spectre Big Damn Hero

    This would be nice too, and of course not forgetting gas pockets that are another danger around underground, which could be poisonous.

    Perhaps incentive for constructing under such temperature system, could be chillblains, 3rd degree burns or "temperature inflicted injury", which would decrease max health for each stack, down to 50% minimum or abit lower, but I dunno what works exactly the best.
  8. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    god I hope not @ thread title
  9. RamsiC

    RamsiC Big Damn Hero

    Care to elaborate more on your feelings there friend?
  10. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    I assume you're referring to the way the temperatures used to work, where you needed a specific type of armor in order reach a threshold where you weren't constantly losing HP to "too cold" or "too hot"? because that was garbage and contributed nothing of value to the game other than padding the length so that the relative incompleteness and shortness of the beta was that much harder to notice. There is no challenge to be found, unless you count grinding wood and coal to make thousands of firepits you can dot the landscape in a challenge. Then you have the fact that armor in this game is very clearly tiered in a very noticeable and deliberate way, which is not a bad thing, but does not lend itself to having armor work as any sort of survival aid other than just making you harder to kill by enemies. Either you have enough points in cold resist that you completely ignore the effects or you don't have any because you've decided to put your defenses elsewhere and now cold planets are a gigantic pain in the ass and/or useless to you because you didn't go down the one singular path that allowed you to play on them.

    Temperature mechanics can work in a survival game, or in a game where temperature is the primary gimmick and the gameplay is built around it instead of the other way around. Starbound is not a survival game, no matter how many variant modes you put in it. Not knocking people who like survival gameplay, power to you, if you have fun, you have fun. But my opinion is that temperature, permadeath, hunger/thirst, etc. have no place as primary gameplay mechanics and should be kept as gimmick options a player can choose to use or left out completely.

    e: And as for the other ways to introduce temperature that you mentioned, I can see ways in which people who are desperate for "survival" and "realism" in this game for reasons beyond me might enjoy them, but all I see is unnecessary effort and time devoted to something that would only be tedious and not engaging in the end.
  11. MetalArrow

    MetalArrow Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I never want to see another temperature system again after playing 7 Days to Die, where I immediately caught hypothermia at spawn because it was raining.
  12. kley2101

    kley2101 Void-Bound Voyager

    Yes, i remenber in the older versions, if you stay away from you base, camp in the night, you start to slowly die. The same if you wont eat someting regularly.
    I realy like this things, that make the game more real and hard.
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  13. tedlil

    tedlil Pangalactic Porcupine

    I know it's dead for ages now, but IMO we should "revive" this topic. Devs removed so many key features that made me buy this game, so it's casual now. Zero survival mechanics.
    I wish that i had to wear desert clothes to not get hurt from sandstorm, to hide in caves with campfire in cold nights, to dry myself after falling into cold water etc. Those were good survival things. Why they were removed instead of making it an option?
  14. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Black Hole Surfer

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