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Discussion in 'Mods' started by anders_defender, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Uttery newbie, but I couldn't find any decent tutorial or video that included anyone mentioning having difficulty opening the file.

    I've gone through these steps so far:

    1. unpacked .xbin file I want to edit
    2. current files are coop3.tbin & coop3.yaml
    3. open tIDE program and select 'open' > file type tIDE Binary Map Files (*.tbin) > attempt to open coop3.tbin
    4. error message


    Any help would be appreciated T^T
    • Allayna

      Allayna Ketchup Robot

      Welcome to map editing! For any one map, you need to have the tile sheets the map uses.
      For the coop maps, you need the coopTiles and paths tilesheets. You'll find them in the Content/Maps folder.
      Unpack them, and, odd step here, copy the two .png files you should have, paste them in same folder and then remove the .png from the end of the file names.
      You can also delete any .yaml and .json files, you don't need them here!
      You should have this as your folder for coop3:

      For any map, it will pop up with that error and tell you the tilesheet it needs. You will almost always find the file you need in Content/Maps!
      • minervamaga

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        This wiki page has a lot of info on how to get started as well! We recommend Tiled over tIDE these days btw.
        • Allayna

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          I'm actually one of the few that much prefers tIDE!

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