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    I think it would be great feature if you had to pay pay taxes every week. The Monday could be the pay day (or any other). When you get up the money the money will be automatically deducted from your wallet (similar to Doctor) or like other screen when you receive your earnings from shipments

    This would be another variable to consider before spend your money (I need have X amount to pay the taxes of this week). I don't know which could be the penalty fee for don't pay the week taxes, maybe the tax will accumulate if don't pay and you will pay extra tax next week.

    I think would be fun when you start a new game because it will be more difficult to make money at the beginning. And, maybe, the fee of the taxes can increase every year, or according to your buildings (that you have built in farm).
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      I think the game needs a hardmode in general where you start with a loan on the farm you have to payoff and everything is a lot more expensive and dangerous.
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        Yes, you are right. I think this could be a small feature that adds a little more difficulty because you must be aware of your money to be able to pay taxes when Monday arrives (or whatever day)
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          I remember SimCity having a difficulty like that. You could start with like $20,000 or $10,000 or the hardest one was starting with a $10,000 loan, so you were bleeding out cash right from the get go. When I was younger, I always hated things like time limits and trickling losses, but I've grown to find them to be the more interesting challenges in games.

          I also have found that I always do my best work under pressure.

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