Tarula's Manifesto

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    Before I start, Starbound-inspired tales of wonderous glory has never been so right, yet so wrong when it comes to Tarula. Who exactly is Tarula? For the sake of her manifesto, let's just call her a vocal traditionalist. She is by far my favorite main playthrough and I loved every moment learning about Floran culture as I... well, let's not get too into detail.

    Anyway, her manifesto.

    Isss thisss thing on? Green light changed to blinking red, but Floran doesssn't know. Greenfinger taught Floran how to ussse new computer, sssaid it wasss a perfect match for Floran. Floran doesssn't underssstand why, but Greenfinger sssaid Floran hasss easssier time remembering "shortcut keysss" more than written wordsss like "command prompt: end recording"--

    Floran found out lassst moon that ssspecific command prompt ssstopsss device from recording, ssso Floran will have to be more careful with that. Today Floran--

    Distant voice: Good morning, Tarula! Having fun with your recorder?

    Yesss, Greenfinger! It helpsss Floran remember what Floran sssaysss to it!


    Greenfinger: Indeed; it isss what they're for. If you're sssmart enough, you can talk into a mic and have machinesss do the writing for you!

    Human voice: Hey Flora, I'd hate to interrupt but we need you for that documentary.

    Greenfinger Flora: Ah yesss, I forgot! Here you go, Tarula. Try not to wassste the battery life on it!

    *static followed by a door closing*

    Today Floran went on Floran'sss firssst hunt sssince dad passsed. Floran got good meatsss from prey, even made a friend with prey'sss ssspawn! Isss Floran upssset that dad wasssn't here? Sssomewha; however, Floran never knew dad tasssted thisss good -- part of the Hunt, you sssee. Naturally, Floran doesssn't mind asss it keepsss the ssspirit of The Hunt alive. If only Floran had ssspicesss; Floran heard they make meatsss tassste better.

    The red light on Floran'sss recorder isss tempting Floran to break it in two! Greenfinger told everyone that "cannibalisssing our dead" isss wrong and that they should "return to the earth". Floran hasss never heard sssuch heresssy come from another Floran, neverthelessss Greenfinger! Floran would never treat the dead with sssuch disssressspect towardsss The Hunt! Floran callsss heresssy on Greenfinger! HERESSSY!!

    Floran went to shopkeeper Floran to pick up meatsss when Floran heard other Floran talking about Greenfinger'sss heresssy. There wasss no anger, no disssgussst, but joy! Floran confronted other Floransss about it, telling Floransss that Greenfinger hasss enacted heresssy upon the ssspirit of the Hunt. Floran expected Floransss would agree and join Floran, yet Floran wasss shown looksss of heresssy from other Floran! "Dissspicable," one sssaid. "They should be sssent to earth like life'sss cycle!" Floran hasss neve--

    *the rest is barely audible as sudden spikes in audio break through the static*

    Floran had to go to shopkeeper Floran again for new recorder; Floran broke Floran'sss from anger. Isss Floran to blame? No, it'sss Greenfinger! Greenfinger disssressspectsss the Hunt, sssaying how thisss will "bring peace to other racesss"! Floran hasss never been dissgusssted with anything like thisss sssince Floran tried eating Floran'sss houssse! Dissspicable! … however, Greenfinger isss doing a demonssstration of Greenfinger'sss heresssy tonight. Floran hasss an idea...

    Heresssy! Floransss ssstill don't underssstand Greenfinger'sss disssressspect to the Hunt that they banished Floran from Floran'sss village! Dissspicable! Floran wasss doi--

    *sudden static with somewhat audible sounds of thrusters*

    *sound of a spaceship door opening*

    Human voice: Well, this'll have to do for now. It's not a lot, but it's something.

    *sounds of leaves rustling*

    Human voice: Hm? Someone ther--
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