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Tap-to-move horrors

Discussion in 'Support' started by vps, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. vps

    vps Space Hobo


    I've been playing Android version (Pixel 2) for a while, and one thing that's getting more and more on my nerve is tap-to-move interface along with the inventory bar.

    I've probably grown too accustomed to it, tried to switch to Joystick mode, it's way too inconvenient.

    There are 2 issues with the tap-to-move though:
    1) Most of the time clicking on the inventory bar, the characters actually goes somewhere that is under the inventory bar. I obviously don't want him to, and I don't see how it's reasonable to do that at all. I first thought that it was happening because my fat fingers touch the edge of the game field as well, but I found there is a setting to increase the width of the inventory bar. That did not help. Clicking on the inventory bad definitely acts as a click on whatever is under it at the time. For example, I keep getting the silo info quite often. At that point, the inventory bar is not even usable, as silo dialog blocks any action.

    2) When scrolling the inventory bar, items get selected when you just want to scroll. I also don't see how that's reasonable, it's rather obvious I don't want to select an item when I'm scrolling around. I understand there must be some threshold for deciding whether it's a scroll or selection request, but I scroll down half the inventory, and some random item (that was under my finger at the time) gets selected.

    Now, I wouldn't mind #2 as much, however, combined, they create quite negative playing experience.

    First, the character starts moving around when you don't want him to. That costs time, as you have to recall him back, so it's constant tapping between the inventory item (it takes time to find an item you need as you scroll around), and keeping the character near whatever spot you want to use the item in. That is wasteful on it's own, but with rather random items being selected at the same time, it's really horrible, as you can activate things that easily destroy (pickaxe, hoe, etc), things that you can set down (machines, etc), things that plant (seeds of all kinds), and it takes time to get undo whatever ends up happening, and I find that recently I have to revert back to previous save quite often as some actions can't be undone. I axed out my ancient plant, blew up a bomb, and displaced so many sprinklers, kegs and scarecrows, I lost count.

    I guess the reason it's became a bigger problem recently, as I typically carry a lot more items around in general, and especially with the morning routine that now involves a lot more than the initial garden patch (milk, eggs, fruits, mushrooms, trap contents, etc), so scrolling through the inventory is a lot more prominent.

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