RELEASED Syia's Recolors and Misc : Fruit Trees w/ Signs, All buildings recolored (Alt Brick Buildings) 3/28

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Syia, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Ciriun

    Ciriun Void-Bound Voyager

    Yay, thanks for checking it! I just hope it looks as good as you were hoping for.
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    • smimore

      smimore Orbital Explorer

      pls make a yellow version of this :)
      • taintedwheat

        taintedwheat Master Astronaut

        First off, I want to thank you for putting the effort in getting players more options for how their gameplay looks.

        Although, I have a request - for the fruit tree tag mod, do you think you can make an alternative version? I think what would be cool, if the grown tree itself had the tag attached to it like in RL(look like a hanging shopping tag with fruit symbol on it /idk google tree tags) and if the tags in front of the baby seedling trees not be centerally aligned and to the left instead to see the plant grow and instead of a square be a rectangle [not completely centered slighty toward the top /similar looking to the seed packets]?
        • annachibi

          annachibi Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Yay, thank you for Purple 2 and the fruit trees! They'll make my farm much more to my taste. :D
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          • Syia

            Syia Tentacle Wrangler

            Great job =) PM me the link to yours and I'll link it next to mine.

            I can try, I am not at home so I am not at my PC. When I get home I'll work on it =)

            My pleasure =)
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            • Ciriun

              Ciriun Void-Bound Voyager

              Stupid question, but what link would that be? I've never actually been involved with more than the graphics for a mod before, so I don't actually know what I'm doing yet. :cautious:
              • Superior_s

                Superior_s Sandwich Man

                She's saying that she will put a link to download your trees next to hers in the main post. She just needs you to send her the mediafire link in a private message. You can click on her username and click start a conversation. Hope this helped.
                • mangosix0

                  mangosix0 Star Wrangler

                  Fruit Trees with Signs is error.. why?

                  i can't not plant trees. i just hear tree plant sound
                  • XxhexerxX

                    XxhexerxX Industrial Terraformer

                    Just wanted to say thank you for the fruit tree signs!
                    Now I'm wishing the crops had signs too, I'm forever forgetting what crops I have planted :rofl:
                    • Ghostly Fox

                      Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

                      Any chance of white and grey versions? (Or gray if you prefer the American spelling.)
                      • Vincent Sirius

                        Vincent Sirius Void-Bound Voyager

                        The Alt brick version of the basic barn seems to be missing the blacked out area where the door opens. When opened it simply shows the dirt under the building instead of the darkness it normally should. Seems to only be a problem with the alt version of the basic barn. thought I'd let you know. Great mod by the way.
                        • endermaryn

                          endermaryn Zero Gravity Genie

                          I really like your fruit trees with signs mod and am currently using it in my game. A new mod that reshapes the trees by Chisami just game out. Is there a way to make the two compatible with each other or a guide out there I can use to try and figure out how to do it myself?
                          • Superior_s

                            Superior_s Sandwich Man

                            I'd use this guide to extract the images from both files.
                            Then I would delete everything around the signs and copy, paste, and position the signs where you want them on the newer trees.
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                            • Ciriun

                              Ciriun Void-Bound Voyager

                              Oh shoot, I totally forgot about this! So sorry! I still haven't picked a host for my file yet. Apparently there are sites specifically for mods, and a repository on here, so I'll have to figure out how at least one of them works. And possibly try to do some more testing because when I tried to use a version of my edit of this mod with the New Machines mod, there was some sort of conflict.
                              • Kintsy

                                Kintsy Master Chief

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                                • endermaryn

                                  endermaryn Zero Gravity Genie

                                  @Kintsy , Thank you! This saves me from having to get a copy of photoshop. It also saves me a lot of time learning how to use it. Now I don't have to choose between the two mods. ^_^
                                  • Superior_s

                                    Superior_s Sandwich Man

                                    GIMP,, Photofiltre are all pretty easy to use and free.
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                                    • Ghostly Fox

                                      Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

                                      FireAlpaca too, and SAI too, though SAI cost around fifty US dollars (or was when my friend surprised me with it.) However, it's also a lifetime program- if you move computers, you just send an email saying you had to reinstall and they send a new one. Which makes it much cheaper than Photoshop even if it doesn't have quite as many features. It also isn't as bogged down with textures/brushes as GIMP was the last time I tried a minimal install.

                                      Also, another person who would like seed markers, if this is still an active mod.
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                                      • Ookami96k

                                        Ookami96k Master Chief

                                        Keep up the good work! love your version of the slime hutch! :party:
                                        • ShadowGX

                                          ShadowGX Orbital Explorer

                                          Any chance to get some matching recolors of the new buildings? Coming back to SDV after the new update and updating all my mods... Sad to see this one hasn't gotten an update yet. 3: Black and blue are my favorites, I think black was the one I used the most.

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