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Bug/Issue Switch - Small UI bug in bundle interface

Discussion in 'Support' started by parsnipper, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. parsnipper

    parsnipper Space Hobo

    Enjoying the game so far, it's quite fun. However a small bug I've noticed is when you're navigating the bundles, the tooltips show the last selected label ("Parsnip, worth x gold" for example) instead of the regular bundle name ("Spring Crops Bundle"), if you've been into a sub-menu and hovered over something

    Steps to reproduce:
    • Enter the bundle menu
    • Go into any bundle
    • Highlight a non-greyed-out item from the inventory picker
    • Press B to return to previous screen
    • Tooltip of bundle (e.g. Spring Crops Bundle) stays as the highlighted inventory item
    • HyperJ

      HyperJ Void-Bound Voyager

      It's truly pathetic that the state of the console UI in this game is so poor. It's like they didn't even try. Add this to the growing list of bugs and oversights... sigh.
      • Verne

        Verne Astral Cartographer

        Whoa, HyperJ, what's with the vitriol?

        Anyway, I have this same issue on PC. It's not Switch-exclusive. I do, however, play with a gamepad, so that's probably related.
        • HyperJ

          HyperJ Void-Bound Voyager

          You've just answered that question yourself. The fact that these issues have been around for so long across multiple releases is why I am expressing vitriol.
          • Verne

            Verne Astral Cartographer

            I think your reaction is a little disproportionate. It's fine to be a bit miffed, but your tone is a bit much. It's an indie game, it was made by one guy who didn't expect it to get so big, and it was ported, afaik, by a very small team. It's not a big budget, AAA title, it doesn't have a huge team or company working on it, and it's already exceeded what was originally planned for it by a long shot, which is amazing.

            Pointing out bugs and errors is one thing, but the level of vitriol you've been expressing in your posts is unwarranted.
            • Alisuu

              Alisuu Space Spelunker

              Not to mention that it was just 15 bucks. Even minecract is double that and it only offer an engine at best with no content whatsoever. And if this is really not your cup of soup, just look elsewhere and don't trash and moan here. Plenty of more "refined" games out there for your pleasure.

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