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Bug/Issue Switch - Haley's jealousy dialogue does not play

Discussion in 'Support' started by Humg12, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Humg12

    Humg12 Big Damn Hero

    I'm married to Haley. Twice now, after giving someone a gift (I gave Harvey and Penny Blackberries the first time, and gave Emily a cloth on her birthday the second time), when I've talked to Haley that night (around 11:30 when she's in bed), a dialogue box has started to appear and then just disappeared. My relationship with her goes down 2 hearts and she won't talk with me again for the rest of the night.

    After some initial googling I think it has something to do with jealousy as that matches with the gift giving and losing hearts.

    Additional details:
    I don't clearly remember all of the details from the first time it happened, so here are the second.
    Name: Sam Pencil
    Farm Name: Humg12
    Time: Spring, Year 2.
    Wife: Haley
    Gift: Cloth to Emily on her birthday (as a sidenote, I think it's pretty dumb that Haley gets upset at me giving her sister a birthday gift)
    Farmhouse had a kitchen, but no nursery.
    My pickaxe might have been being upgraded? Not 100% sure.

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