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    Premise of this RP
    ,,Trexden-23'' is a holiday spaceship heading towards ,,Rienna'' - an tropical planet, considered to be one of the most prettiest places in sector you're living in. In the middle of travel, during night-cycle of the ship, emergency alarm rings out, pointing at the changed trajectory of the ship, and explosions close to the core, powering everything. The current trajectory is leading towards an black hole. As soon as you understood situation, you managed to run you'r way to capsule pods room. You quickly jumped into last, smallest one, as rest were already filled. As soon as capsule doors closed, you were launched to closest planet, located about two days of flight. Capsule pod you were flying, released gases, inserting all passangers into hibernating mode, to prevent too fast consumption of food and oxygen. When you all awoke, you feel trembling of whole capsule pod, as if you had a hard landing. Next thing you see is door launched from entrance, allowing you to leave. Leaving the capsule feels harder than unusual. You can feel stronger gravitation taking effect on you. As you take a peek outside you see a dense jungle. First thing you notice, is a dark purple color of leaves. As you progress to analyze the enviroment, you'r eye catch a big feline-like creature, about 4 m long with four eyes, deeply staring at the capsule. You alarm everyone else to hide and remain silent. Unknown creature roars.

    Character sheet
    This RP is based in Starbound universe, so all vanilla races are included. From modded races you can pick Avali and Peglaci, as they are two most popular modded races. Also, it would be nice to see a little bit of variation among chosen races ( it would be kinda weird to have for exact 6 avali, and 4 avians etc). Variation for more fun!

    Name: (Think orginally, it would be kinda stupid to have RP character named like : Ultra_SWAG_Killer etc. Think real ^^)
    Physical apperance :
    (You can create character in Starbound, and dress it up properly, then paste image here. No armor allowed + Try to picture what would they wore on holiday trip. Try to think real :p)

    Rest information about characters ( personality, biography etc ) you can reveal during RP. I think that's a good idea.

    I plan this RP to be for 5-10 people If more wanna join, I can make exception, but dont put your hopes too high up ^^
    For RP I'll make short sesions of it using http://www.chatzy.com/ ( which events I will write down later in an actual RP thread ). I just find it more suitable for characters talking or making decisions at the same time, rather that someone asking someone in RP, and waiting for reply in thread for longer while. Keep in mind this is my first RP ( I didnt participated in any RP neither , so feel free to PM me, if you want to point out if I do something wrong etc. Also just a side thing : Romance/ couples ( even interspecies ) are allowed, but I have to get PM from both of you, confirming that you both wanna put that into RP etc. You can also join RP if you wanna after it started, but only if
    max limit of participants havent been reached. I think that's all for now, if I'll remember about something, I'll uptade this thread. Feel free participating in Survivors of ,,Trexden-23'' story ^^
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    Sounds like fun, apart from some grammar mistakes it seems fine. Reading the last bit, I really hope yo had more to the OP, mabye about the planet we crashed landed in, etc..
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    I dont speak english nationally, so these mistakes may occur from my side (you can correct me, dont feel bad about it). I was thinking about giving more info about planet, but decided to save it on RP. I'll uptade this today. Thanks for your opinion ^^
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    The OP has been uptaded. If I should add something else, or correct myself anywhere, just let me know.
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    Name: Blake White
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Medical Student
    Age: 17
    Physical appearance : 4"9, Green eyes, Chestnut colored hair. Usually wears goggles for when he Sky-rails, to prevent dust and high speed wind from irritating his eyes. Little body strength.

    Personal Information: Blake White is a naive an optimistic teenage student trying to enjoy a vacation before he goes back to study the practice of Medicine and become a surgeon, hopefully make his family proud. Although lacking in strength, he makes up for it in his agility, capable of running faster than most others and climbing high places. He has never been in a dangerous situation his entire life, the most dangerous being chased by bullies in high school. He always goes out for others, in some cases, sticking out his neck for others.

    There's more to him, but thats all I wanna give right now, yeah c:
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    I want to play a game, I need to start from?
  7. Adam05PL

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    Well, basically we're still on phase of waiting for people, so it didnt started yet. This RP didnt got too much attention. But with some more people we could get started =)

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