Super Arkatis - a mobile game made by a Starbound mod dev

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    Hello, I'm Crystan! You may remember me from mods like "Chocobo's for Starbound" and "Mega Man X Armor and Weapons"!
    (I really hope I have now some time to update both mods :p)​

    (click the logo to get to the asset store or scan the QR Code at the end of the post with your mobile phone)

    Today I released my own mobile game called "Super Arkatis". It is a shoot 'em up game inspired by games like Tyrian (2000) and Raptor. It's a type of game that I wanted to make for almost 5 years now. I started it a half of year ago to improve my coding skill and to provide me a small income to support "myself" and my family. It features 3 small handcrafted missions as well as a "Endless Mode" where you can earn credits to improve your ship and buy new weapons or upgrade them. It doesn't have any microstransactions but it does display ads on positions where its not annoying (no fullscreen/popup ads!)!

    If you find any bugs please contact me here or use the support email displayed in the asset store!

    ★ Classic shoot-'em-up action inspired by games like Tyrian and Raptor.
    ★ A workshop where you can upgrade your ship and weapons.
    ★ A "Endless Mode" where you fight against unending waves of enemy ships.
    ★ Random generated backgrounds with different themes (space, asteroids, desert planet etc.).
    ★ Powerup pickups provide you with temporary upgrades (projectile immunity, weapon satellites etc.).
    ★ Three handcrafted missions with five difficulty settings.
    ★ Boss fights featuring different mechanics.
    ★ Over 20 different enemy ship types.
    ★ A catchy soundtrack!
    ★ Powered by Unity3D 5.X.

    Checkout some shots and the trailer video:


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  2. T'was fun testing this for ya! Give it a try, folks!
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