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    Suns for hire is a mercenary company founded on the base principle: “Nothing should go unpunished”. The CEO of Suns for hire, only known as “Solar”, was tired of the ways things were on his home planet, Nixia in the Haraxus system, so he decided that he would take matters into his own hands. However not everyone on his home planet agreed to his methods, in particular the mayor of his hometown. So after putting three bullets in the mayor’s chest in a standoff, he decided to set out to other planets. Because he thought it was very unlikely that his town was the only one in the whole galaxy that people where treated unfairly, and so he set out to punish the unpunished.

    We do have some guidelines for, if you are going to place a Hit on someone:

    1.We are not your standard mercenary company, we have morale. We are not going to wipe out a civilized planet just so you can mine it for resources.
    2.We do not kill innocent people. We will ONLY take care of the person that you pay us for and we will only accept the payment if we share your opinion on the target.
    3.We do not only kill targets. If you don’t think the person deserves to die you can hire a Sun (that is an employee at Suns for hire) to only rough them up a little. If you think that, that will let them learn their lesson.
    4.We do not go after everyone, they at least have to have done something wrong, and that thing must have gone unpunished.

    Now before we get into Payment options there are some important guaranties we thought you should know. If you choose to buy a hit from us, you are guaranteed that that hit will be carried out. All of our suns are privately trained by Solar to insure that the missions you send us out on will be successful. Should it happen that the mission you send us on was too difficult, you will get a full refund, however it is important to tell you that that has only happened once in the entirety to the hole of our lifespan.

    Payment options: Here at suns for hire we have several payment options
    The first payment option is paid in standard pixels.
    We take 1000 pixels if you want us to rough the target up a little.
    A Hit would be 2500 pixels.
    If it is a group of people you are after the payment does not stack with each person however we agree upon a custom amount of pixels. (If you really would like to insure that the mission is a success you can hire Solar himself for 10.000 pixels)
    However we do realize that oppressed people rarely have the funds that we require, we also use another payment system. Which I basically that we take the value of the payment from the target. Be it furniture from his/her house or simple the money in the wallet.
    The third and final payment method is a slow one. However it comes affordable for most people. That is that we charge you 500 pixels and train you for a week so that you can perform the hit yourself. This hit does not however have the guarantee that it would be successful.

    If you have any questions or want to contact us. Feel free to send us a message.
    - Suns for Hire
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